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Formulation of a new methodology for researching Chinese philosophy and introduction of a new method of transcultural post-comparative sublation

Publish Date: 27.12.2022

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Jana Rošker (13009), who under the SICRIS criteria is the most successful researcher in Slovenia in the humanities, has in recent years developed a new method of transcultural philosophy that emphasises the analysis and interpretation of traditional Chinese philosophy.

Transcultural philosophy is a discourse that goes beyond the static and essentialist conceptualisation of culture. In this context, whose broader basis is presented in her internationally acclaimed monograph Interpreting Chinese Philosophy – A New Methodology (London, New York: Bloomsbury Academic 2021), she developed a new method of contrastive analysis for conceptual paradigms and philosophical systems that evolved in the framework of various philosophical traditions and their historical contexts. She has called this method, which is founded on a consideration of various culturally conditioned reference frameworks and can be applied in transcultural post-comparative philosophical research, the sublation method. She has presented it in a series of internationally impactful guest lectures, conferences, public scholarly discussions, interviews published in international journals, in two already published original scholarly articles and in four subsequent articles that are already accepted for publication. Her achievement is evident in two articles that address an explication of the theoretical plan of the sublation method (see 1st article), and in the specific illustration of its application (see 2nd article). The two articles are published in top academic journals with rigid review procedures and high influence factors.

Chinese philosophy

 Figure 1: The monograph by Jana S. Rošker “Interpreting Chinese Philosophy – A New Methodology”, which was published in 2021 by the well-known British publishing house Bloomsbury Academic and contains theoretical bases for the development of a new method of post-comparative sublation in transcultural philosophy.


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