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Publish Date: 27.12.2021

Category: Outstanding research achievements, Our contribution to sustainable development goals

Sustainable development goals: 4 Quality education, 16 Peace, justice and strong institutions (Indicators)

Publication with the above title proves that even today, on the 250th anniversary of his birth, Hegel's thought is still very current.

The international publication entitled "Hegel 250 – Too Late?" was released in the English language as a special issue of the Problemi International journal and represents an exceptional scientific achievement in the field of philosophy, specifically German classical philosophy, Hegel studies and critical theory. This publication was released mostly as a selection of the best contributions presented at the international philosophical conference "Hegel's 250th Anniversary – Too Late?" (Sept. 2020 in Ljubljana, organized by the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, Goethe-Institute Ljubljana, and the Aufhebung Association). The main author is Prof. Mladen Dolar, PhD, of the Faculty of Arts, and in addition to his article the publication also contains articles by fourteen other reputable authors (among the fifteen authors, six are Slovene).

On the occasion of the 250th anniversary of Hegel's birth, commemorative proceedings and thematic issues of journals were published around the world. The said issue of Problemi International is distinguished not only by the fact that it includes scientific articles of some of the most prominent researchers of Hegel's philosophy in the world, including members of the Faculty of Arts' research team, such as Slavoj Žižek, but also in terms of its research results. Therefore, it is possible to claim that the publication "Hegel 250 – Too Late?" is perhaps the most representative philosophical publication on the global scale which marked Hegel's anniversary year of 2020.

The publication posed two basic research questions, namely the question of the currency of Hegel's philosophy today – Is it too late for Hegel? – and the question of lateness as the state of the world today – Is it too late today in general (for the world which is facing an environmental catastrophe and many other dangers), and can Hegel's philosophy offer us tools to ponder this question? This is a multi-layered, multi-perspective and comprehensively argued philosophical reflection on lateness as the current state of the world, which proves the high level of currency of Hegel's thought today by using his conceptual tools.

 Hegel 250

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Source: Hegel 250 – Too Late? Problemi International, No. 4, 2020, Problemi, Vol. LVIII, Nos. 11–12/2020. Publishers: Society for Theoretical Psychoanalysis and the Goethe-Institut, Ljubljana. Release: 28 May 2021.


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