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University of Ljubljana Career centres

Maja Dizdarević 

Dear prospective student,

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”
Albert Einstein

A specialist in virtual currencies, a digital archaeologist, a data miner, a geo-engineer, a privacy consultant, a personal care coordinator, a seed capital manager in agriculture and so on. Have you ever heard of these professions?

These are only a few of the current professions in the making. The contemporary labour market is evolving continuously. From some 2,000 professions known in the 18th century, the labour market has evolved considerably, currently featuring some 500,000 professions. Many of them will disappear in the coming years while many new ones will emerge in the decade to come.

An education acquired at the University of Ljubljana will allow you to perform the diverse jobs of the future, where you can show your knowledge and skills, while the University’s Career Centres will prepare you for a successful ”ride” throughout your studies. You will be encouraged to take small and big steps to maintain your balance in this ever-changing world of challenges. You will be taught the skill of managing your own career; you will learn about the careers of graduates and about new professions, and you will be given the opportunity to establish contacts with potential employers and attend a series of additional education and training courses.

Looking forward to welcoming you at our University.

Maja Dizdarević,
Head of the University Office for Career Counselling and Students’ Services

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Everything is possible with timely career planning

The University of Ljubljana has established Career centres at every member faculty and academy, where career counsellors provide comprehensive support in issues relating to studies and career orientation, as well as organising a series of other activities as presented below.

Counselling on the choice of degree programme – also by Skype

Would you like to become a lawyer, sanitary engineer, teacher, psychologist, architect, musician, biologist, actor, sculptor, fashion designer, diplomat, doctor, pharmacist, etc. and need to know where to enrol? Perhaps you have several different interests but do not see how to combine them in a degree programme.

The choice of a degree programme has a major impact on one’s career and life, which is why you should consult an expert before enrolling. The University Career centres are here to offer advice and guidance to students. Today, distance presents no obstacle. All those outside Slovenia who are interested in studying at the University of Ljubljana can make an appointment for personal career counselling to be carried out via Skype upon prior arrangement. You can make an appointment by contacting us by email at or by phone at +386 1 2418 732.

Plan your career wisely and, most of all, in time

Students are encouraged through different activities to be active during their studies, take part in different events, connect with employers, obtain additional skills and thus improve their chances for employment after finishing studies, or to take up their careers as an entrepreneur:

  • personal counselling;
  • workshops (self-evaluation, job search, career plan, job interview, etc.);
  • career camps;
  • events to the topic of obtaining work experiences, apprenticeship, entrepreneurship and challenges abroad;
  • career days;
  • speed dates with employers;
  • presentations of employers;
  • students’ visits to real working environments;
  • counselling by counsellors from abroad via Skype,

Do not miss career opportunities and learn about different employment options

Updated information on scholarships, job openings and other information not to be overlooked is published on the website www.kc.uni-lj.si, Facebook and Twitter. Students can also subscribe to a weekly newsletter containing all the relevant and topical career-related information, as well as to a monthly e-bulletin with in-dept discussions of topics relating to students' personal and professional development.

We will see to your personal and professional development

Nowadays, it is vital that an individual knows their interests, develops their abilities, and responds to the needs of the labour market in a timely and proper fashion. In addition to career events, a series of other education and training courses are also organised for students to acquire or upgrade their knowledge and gain additional competences in computer science, public speaking, project work, time management strategies, skills to overcome stress and many others.

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