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Extracurricular activities

You can never get bored outside your studies

University provides plenty of opportunities. Being active while you study is beneficial for your personal and professional development, and it keeps you in good spirits and health, helping you to develop many competences that can lift you among the stars after your graduation.

Quality is important

Extracurricular activities are organised through the University of Ljubljana in addition to academic curriculum activities. They are organised in accordance with the quality standards of university education, raising the reputation of the University of Ljubljana as well as its recognition at home and abroad. Students can apply ECTS credits points obtained through an extracurricular activity to a maximum of 5% of external electives in the degree program.

The primary purpose of extracurricular activities is the acquisition of skills and competencies in areas that are not directly part of the degree programme.

Find something that suits you

The field of extracurricular activities:

  • sports activities;
  • art and culture;
  • volunteering and charity work;
  • social activities;
  • health and environmental protection;
  • research, science and projects that are not among the mandatory components of the curriculum.

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Work out, study hard

We provide organization, personnel, and material and financial conditions for the growth and development of students’ sports activities, particularly those enabling the widest possible involvement of the student population. It is also an important segment of the mission of creating better conditions for student athletes in their studies, run in cooperation with the Sports Association of the University of Ljubljana and the Slovenian University Sports Association to ensure conditions for the development of competitive sports for students at our university, Slovenia and the wider international arena.

The current offer of sports activities at the University of Ljubljana comprises various sets of programmes differing in scope and in terms of quality, standards and purpose. The offer includes sports programmes and subjects of the Centre for Extracurricular activities and faculties of the University of Ljubljana. Competitive sports programmes are organised under the umbrella of the University of Ljubljana Sports Association and the Slovenian University Sports Association.

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