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Doctoral degree programmes

Application and enrolment in the Doctoral Programme in Biomedicine

Call for enrolment is published on the UL web page in February for next academic year. Applicants for admission to the programme can apply according to the instructions in call for enrolment. Candidates will receive information regarding the success of their application in September.

Enrolment at the doctoral programme in Biomedicine takes place at the providing faculties in September. Enrolment and all other procedures required to obtain the scientific title are carried out by providing faculties coordinating the relevant scientific field. Enrolment in the scientific fields of biochemistry and molecular biology, clinical medicine, basic medicine, neuroscienece and  public health is held at the Faculty of Medicine, enrolment in the scientific fields of pharmacy, clinical biochemistry and laboratory biomedicine and toxicology is held at the Faculty of Pharmacy, enrolment in the scientific field of genetics is held at the Biotechnical Faculty,  enrolment in the scientific field of veterinary medicine is held at the Veterinary Faculty and enrolment in the scientific field of microbiology is held at the Faculty of Medicine or the Biotechnical Faculty.

Upon enrolment in each individual year of the doctoral study programme, the candidate and the University of Ljubljana sign a contract on education.

Call for enrolment in Biomedicine in 2023/2024+

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Criteria for selection of candidates+

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