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Doctoral degree programmes

Basic information of the programme

The duration of the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Programme in Biomedicine is four years (240 ECTS credits), and according to the Bologna guidelines this represents the third cycle of the educational scheme. The programme has been conceived in agreement with all the requirements and legislation of the Republic of Slovenia and meets all criteria for doctoral study established by the EUA. In this way, the direct inclusion of programme components in an international exchange with universities from other countries using the ECTS system is rendered possible.

The programme consists of organised classes (60 credits) and individual research work for the doctoral dissertation (180 credits).

The programme leads to the degree of doktor/doktorica znanosti (level of qualification: SQF level 10, EQF level 8, EQ-EHEA level Third cycle) in the following fields:

  • (enrolled before academic year 2021/2022 Microbiology)
  • and
  • .

The programme is organised by the University of Ljubljana through its faculties and three Slovene research institutes which contribute teachers who take part in organised courses, mentors and the research infrastructure for executing the experimental part of doctoral work.

Information package (academic year 2022/2023)

Information package (academic year 2023/2024)