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Doctoral degree programmes

Curriculum and schedules
Content and structure of the programme (by year)

The structure of the programme is designed to emphasise organised study in the first year and the beginning of the second year, while later, the emphasis is on research and the preparation of the doctoral dissertation.

Year 1


Year 2


Year 3


Year 4


Core courses


Elective course 1


Individual research work 3


Individual research work 4


Individual research work 1


Elective course 2




Presentation of the results of research work




Elective course 3




Completed doctoral dissertation and public defence




Presentation of the doctoral dissertation topic








Individual research work 2






In the first year of study, doctoral candidates, within the framework of core courses obtain fundamental theoretical knowledge and expertise of scientific work. 20 ECTS have to be from the core course of scientific field they are enrolled into. In agreement with the mentor or co-ordinator, 10 ECTS can be chosen from other core courses.

In the second year of study, students fulfil their obligations arising from the elective course (15 ECTS). The selected courses according to student`s research work must be approved by the mentor. 

Registration of topic

Students should register the topic of the doctoral dissertation no later then in beginning of the second semester of the second year of studies.

Registration of topic of doctoral dissertation as well as evaluation of each doctoral dissertation are in the domain of the faculty senate responsible for a given scientific field. The Senate of the University of Ljubljana has to consent to the doctoral dissertation topic and the proposed mentor.

The core of the third year is research work, and preparation of the doctoral dissertation. 

In the fourth year, the focus is on individual research work, publication of the scientific article and preparation of the doctoral dissertation. Students also present the results of their research work and defend their doctoral dissertation publicly.


Students are allowed to select 10 ECTS from elective courses from other doctoral programmes at the University of Ljubljana and comparable programmes of foreign universities. The selected courses must be approved by the mentor and the coordinator of the specific scientific field. Elective credits can be selected also from the university pool of the generic skills courses, listed at the web site of the University of Ljubljana.