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Interdisciplinary doctoral programme in BIOMEDICINE
Mentor and potential mentors

Prior to enrolment, candidates are required to choose a mentor and submit upon enrolment at the latest the mentor’s written acceptance of mentorship. The doctoral dissertation mentor or co-mentor is a university teacher (assistant professor, associate professor, full professor) or researcher (research associate, senior researcher or higher research associate) with a relevant scientific bibliography in the field of the doctoral dissertation topic.

The mentor’s role is to guide the student and to provide conditions for work. The mentor must ensure that appropriate research capacities and research infrastructure are available. A foreign expert with a title comparable to a Slovenian title can be a mentor.

Consent of the mentor

Consent of the mentor - academic year 2020/2021
Consent of the comentor - academic year 2020/2021

The list of potential mentors

Biokemija in molekularna biologija/ Biochemistry and Molecular Biology  (updated in March 2020)
Farmacija/ Pharmacy (updated in March 2020)
Genetika/ Genetics (updated in March 2020)
Javno zdravje/ Public Health (updated in March 2020)
Klinična biokemija in laboratorijska biomedicina/ Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Biomedicine (updated in March 2020)
Medicina - klinična usmeritev/ Clinical Medicine (updated in March 2020)
Medicina - temeljna usmeritev/ Basic Medicine (updated in March 2020)
Mikrobiologija/Microbiology (updated in 2019)
Nevroznanost/ Neuroscience (updated in 2019)
Toksikologija/ Toxicology (updated in March 2020)
Veterinarska medicina/ Veterinary Medicine (updated in March 2020)