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Doctoral degree programmes

Mentor and potential mentors

Prior to the enrolment to the programme candidates are requested to choose the mentor and co-mentor, who will agree to supervise their research work. Mentor and co-mentor, as a rule, are from different scientific fields. Together with a candidate they select the courses and design research programme. 

The doctoral dissertation mentor or co-mentor is a person with a university teacher title (assistant professor, associate professor, full professor) or researcher title (research associate, senior researcher or higher research associate) and has proof of research activity with a relevant scientific bibliography in the field of the doctoral dissertation topic. 

The mentor and the co-mentor are confirmed in the process of registration and approval of the doctoral dissertation topic. 

The mentor’s and co- mentor`s role is to guide the student and to provide conditions for work. When it comes to laboratory research, the mentor must ensure that appropriate research capacities and research infrastructure are available. A foreign expert with a title comparable to a Slovenian teaching or researcher title can be a mentor. 

Consent of the mentor and Consent of co-mentor (mentor’s and co-mentor`s written acceptance of mentorship and co-mentorship)