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Doctoral degree programmes

Rules and forms
Organization of the programme

The Interdisciplinary Doctoral Programme in Environmental Protection is regulated by the Rules and Regulations on Doctoral Studies dealing with its mode and implementation as follows:

  1. University of Ljubljana publishes the call for enrolment into Doctoral Programmes. Call for enrolment has to adhere to the Statute of the University of Ljubljana and includes the information on available number of study places.
  2. The applications are collected at University of Ljubljana and submitted to the Programme Council.
  3. Students are obliged to find mentor and co-mentor, and make the decision about the choise of courses.
  4. The enrolment is in the domain of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodesy, however, all procedures necessary to obtain the doctoral degree are in the domain of the participating faculties.
  5. Upon enrolment in the every year of study candidates and the University of Ljubljana sign contracts regulating all details of the study.
  6. Each participating faculty takes up the whole responsibility for organisation and implementation of the courses in its domain.
  7. Registration of topic as well as evaluation of each doctoral thesis are in the domain of the senate at participating institution. The Senate of the University of Ljubljana has to consent to the doctoral dissertation topic and the proposed mentors.
  8. University of Ljubljana awards the doctoral diploma to the candidates upon fulfillment of all study requirements.
  9. Description of regulatory bodies and decision-making process:
    Programme Council’s responsibilities are published here.