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Doctoral degree programmes

Curriculum and schedules

The programme consists of organised forms of teaching and research. Organised teaching comprises of 60 credits; the remaining 180 credits are intended for individual research work (IRW) for elaboration of the doctoral dissertation.

Prior to enrolment, candidate chooses a mentor and one of seven modules. In cooperation with the mentor, the candidate selects courses from the list of obligatory and elective courses. Each student must complete three obligatory core courses. New Developments in Statistics and Methodology of Statistical Research are obligatory for all students. Mathematical Statistics is obligatory for mathematical module students, and Methodology of Statistical Research is obligatory for all other students. Students select another obligatory course from the courses in Selected Topics (on the relevant module).

Candidates are free to choose between 31 elective courses worth 5 ECTS from the list of elective courses. They are allowed to select 10 ECTS from elective courses from other doctoral programmes at the University of Ljubljana and comparable programmes of foreign universities. The selected courses must be approved by the mentor and the module coordinator.


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