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Doctoral degree programmes

Curriculum and schedules
Obligatory courses

Each student must complete three obligatory core courses. New Developments in Statistics and Methodology of Statistical Research are obligatory for all students. Students select another obligatory course from the courses in Selected Topics (on the relevant module).

Name of the course Course coordinator ECTS
(obligatory course for all) Aleš Žiberna 10
(obligatory course for all) Mihael Perman 5
(obligatory course for module Social Science Statistics) Aleš Žiberna 15
(obligatory course for module Biostatistics) Maja Pohar Perme 15
(obligatory course for module Economic and Official Statistics) Mojca Bavdaž 15
(obligatory course for module Business Statistics) Irena Ograjenšek 15
(obligatory course for module Mathematical statistics) Jaka Smrekar 15
(obligatory course for module Psychological Statistics) Gregor Sočan 15
(obligatory course for  module Technical Statistics) Gregor Dolinar 15