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Doctoral school


In 2007, the University of Ljubljana (UL), in accordance with the guidelines adopted within the European University Association (EUA), formed the Doctoral School by the decision of the Rector’s College and the tasks, adopted at the UL Senate and thus took over the institutional responsibility for doctoral education in the programmes of all scientific fields supported by the University. The University of Ljubljana made a commitment to strengthen the Doctoral School in its 2012–2020 strategy.

The UL Senate formally confirmed the bodies and the organisation of the Doctoral School by the decision on establishing the UL Doctoral School on 30 May 2017, after approximately 10 years of functioning.

The Doctoral School is led and represented by the Head of Doctoral School.

The Doctoral School`s main goals are quality assurance of doctoral education at the University of Ljubljana and the recognition of this quality in the Slovenian and world higher education area.

Within the Doctoral School there is an advisory body acting as a council of doctoral programme coordinators who manage, coordinate and represent doctoral study programmes. The council cooperates with the UL members’ senates, programme councils of interdisciplinary or joint doctoral study programmes and research institutes.

The UL Commission for Doctoral Studies coordinates assignments between the Doctoral School, the University Senate and the University members.


Contact: doktorski.studij@uni-lj.si

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