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University of Ljubljana career centres – the compass on your career path

University of Ljubljana Career Centres stimulate students to be active during their studies, using various activities, attending various events, connecting with employers, obtaining additional skills and thus raising their chances for employment upon the completion of their studies.

All activities of Career centres are free of charge and available at all faculties and academies of the University of Ljubljana.

Students are offered:

  • provision of career information and counselling;
  • workshops: career camps (self-evaluation, job search, career plan, interview, etc.);
  • consultations on challenges abroad, entrepreneurship, apprenticeship, etc.;
  • career days at member faculties and academies;
  • counselling by counsellors from abroad via Skype;
  • speed dates with employers;
  • presentations of employers at faculties and visits to actual working environments.

What are the benefits of engaging in activities of the University of Ljubljana Career Centres?
  • identifying one’s potentials, career interests, strengths and opportunities, allowing one to plan your own career in a responsible, timely and proactive manner;
  • developing functional knowledge and skills, important for improving one’s prospects of employment, such as how to present oneself well to an employer and how to incorporate communication and other technology in that process, how to find out more about companies or institutions wishing to cooperate with;
  • getting information on the possibilities for student exchange, practice, project work and current events on the EU labour market, and so on;
  • making contacts and connections with employer representatives and engaging actively in various networks and communities.


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Contact details:

Phone: +386 1 241 87 32

Facebook: Karierni centri Univerze v Ljubljani