We have prepared various useful information and possibilities to help you acquire knowledge of Slovenian language.

Most of activities are carried out at the Center for Slovene as a Second and Foreign Language, which takes care for:

  • the implementation of the programme of Slovene lectureships at universities around the world
  • the certification of knowledge of Slovene as a foreign language (issuing state-approved certificates of knowledge of Slovene as a foreign language for citizenship, employment, education, etc.)
  • the preparation of programmes and curricula for the successful inclusion of migrant children, pupils and students into the education system in Slovenia
  • Slovene language courses for prospective students, students and employees at the University of Ljubljana
  • the implementation of special educational programmes in Slovene (seminars, courses) for participants with scholarships through which the Republic of Slovenia fulfils obligations from bilateral agreements and cooperation programmes
  • Slovene summer school courses

Phone: +386 1 241 86 47