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Arrival to Slovenia-COVID-19 related information
Arrival to Slovenia

PLEASE NOTE: University of Ljubljana and Ministry of Education, Science and Sport do not issue certificates for exception of quarantine measures.
We are trying to contain the spread of new coronavirus infections by the use of entry restrictions and other measures at the borders of Slovenia. As every country, Slovenia has made three lists of countries according to Covid-19 situation - green, yellow and red. You can find regularly updated information about border crossing at the Police and the Ministry of Interior website.



  • Arriving from countries on the green list: No quarantine, normal entry.
  • Arriving from countries on the yellow list (countries neither on the green nor on the red list): Students can enter as exceptions under article 11 - (11. persons crossing the border (on a daily basis or occasionally) because of education and schooling or scientific research in the Republic of Slovenia or abroad who present adequate proof (Acceptance letter), and their parents or other persons transporting them across the border and returning within 24 hours of entry). If student enters under the exception (article 11), the submission of a negative test result of COVID-19 is not required. Entry requirement: Acceptance letter.

  • Arriving from countries on the red list: The 10-days quarantine rule applies to all travellers arriving in Slovenia from countries with an unstable epidemiological situation (red list), and travellers with a temporary or permanent residence in these countries entering Slovenia (irrespective of their citizenship or residence). Entry requirement: Acceptance letter, address of residence for maintaining quarantine, conditions for quarantine (condition for self-isolation, nutrition, etc.)


    The quarantine decision (official document) is issued at the border/airport by the police in cooperation with the Ministry of Health. The document is necessary, so it is an obligation of the person to ask for it.

    In case the quarantine document is not issued at the border, you should notify the nearest police station in Ljubljana to issue the document. The first day of entry in Slovenia (plane/train/bus ticket as a proof) will be counted as the first day of the quarantine. List of the police stations in Ljubljana


    You can send the following data: name and surname, date of birth, address (in Ljubljana) where you will be accommodated during the quarantine, day and hour of the entry in Slovenia, place of the entry in Slovenia (border crossing) to this e-mail address . The quarantine decision will be serviced at the address where you will be accommodated.