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Support and assistance for students affected by the crisis in Ukraine

The University of Ljubljana follows the Ukrainian crisis with deep shock and concern. We are aware that many of you are, either directly or indirectly, affected by what is taking place in your country. We would like to assure you that you remain a part of our university community and that we are making our best efforts to support and assist you. We have prepared these guides that will help you before you arrive in Slovenia and later for easier integration into your studies and the Slovenian environment.


 Candidates for study

  • At www.uni-lj.si/study you can find informational guides with information about the University of Ljubljana degree programmes and additional useful information that will ease your start here. Short introduction of study possibilities in Ukrainian.
  • In the Calls for enrolment into the University of Ljubljana degree programmes you can find offered degree programmes, data on study duration, enrolment requirements, the number of open positions, mode of study, etc. The Call for enrolment into bachelor's and single-cycle master's degree programmes 2023/2024 was published on 3 February 2023. Common provisions of the Call are translated into English.
  • You have to submit the application for enrolment and recognition of foreign education through eVŠ web portal
  • Video guidance on how to apply.
  • Technical assistance for filling out the application for enrolment: 
  • You can also make an appointment for online counseling on the application-admission procedure for bachelor and single-cycle studies upon the prior arrangement on .
  • Persons granted international protection do not pay tuition fees for full-time bachelor's and master's studies. Temporary protection for displaced persons from Ukraine is automatically extended until March 4, 2024. More information (in Slovenian) here
  • If you are a PhD student, you can apply for co-funding of your tuition fee. The co-financing depends on the number of enrolled students meeting the requirements for co-funding. You can contact the individual University of Ljubljana member (academy or faculty) at which you will be enrolled for more information.
  • You are welcome to join information days and visit our virtual boots at the Virtual Fair of Education, where all the University of Ljubljana members (3 academies and 23 faculties) are represented.
  • We invite you to watch video presentations of study possibilitesstudent's impressionspresentation brochures and ppt presentations.
  • Short introduction of study possibilities at the University of Ljubljana in Ukrainian

Opportunity to join as an exchange student

  • You can join the University of Ljubljana already this academic year as an exchange or a visiting student. In this case, you must have a student status in Ukraine.
  • Before the exchange, the Ukrainian partner university must be approved and included in the Erasmus+ KA171 program for cooperation with the University of Ljubljana.
  • For more information, please contact .

Help for students from Ukraine in integrating into the Slovenian environment and learning the Slovenian language

Students of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ljubljana from the Department of Slavic Studies offer free help in the form of teaching Slovenian, socializing, supporting and getting to know life in Ljubljana.

For students with some knowledge of Slovene, they offer informal meetings to help you get rid of your discomfort of communicating in Slovenian and strengthen your ability to express yourself through conversation.

For beginners, they are ready to organise a course in basic Slovenian. Through informal socialising together, they want to help you to communicate more easily in Slovenian with your colleagues and teachers. The course will start in the second semester, probably in mid-February (after the end of the winter exam period). At our first meeting, we will agree on the dates of the course and the division into groups.  We will inform all applied students to the course about the exact date and venue at a later date. If you have any questions, please contact us at or .

You are also welcome to join the Facebook group where you can find all current information.

*Please do not contact students with questions regarding documentation for studies, residence, etc. For this purpose, use the other links available at www.uni-lj.si/study and www.uni-lj.si/study/information/temporary-residence-permit-in-the-republic-of-slovenia. For more information about obtaining a residence permit, you can write to .

International students ambassadors and students from Ukraine, studying at our University, are also here to help and support you: www.uni-lj.si/study/news/students.


Other possibilites for learning Slovene:


We are very pleased to be able to connect with you and together with our International Student Ambassadors be your support!

International student ambassadors are here to help you with any doubts you may have, answer all your questions related to studies and life in Slovenia and be among your first stops on the way to Slovenia and the University of Ljubljana. Of course, if you are already studying at our University and would like to consult with a student, our International Student Ambassadors will also be happy to help you.

13 international students from different countries and different faculties are here for you! You can contact them HERE

Students from Ukraine, studying at our University, are also here to help and support you:

Sofiia Syniaieva

Sofia Syniaieva_circle

Chat with me: 

Study program and level
2nd year Cultural Studies student at Faculty of Social Sciences University of Ljubljana

I come from

English, Slovene, Ukrainian, German

About me
Welcome to the University of Ljubljana! My name is Sofiia and I moved to Slovenia year and a half ago and transferred to the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana. I am currently gaining a Cultural Studies bachelors degree. Before that, I have completed the first year of my studies in Kyiv. In my free time I work as a graphic designer, i also love traveling and hiking. Thought out this time in Slovenia I have had many challenges and overcame them in time, learning new things. If you have any kind of questions I will be happy to reply and help.

Oksana Dyadyura

Oksana Dyadyura

Chat with me: 

Study program and level
Student of the Bachelor’s program at Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering

I come from

Ukrainian, Russian, Slovene, English

About me
Welcome to the University of Ljubljana!
My name is Oksana and I am a student of Graphic and Interactive Communications. Besides my study, I am a sport trainer and textile designer. I worked as a volunteer and taught Ukrainian language to Slovenes and Slovene language to Ukrainians. I worked as a teacher of art in Ljubljana’s school and in local youth organization MDC Blok in Škofja Loka. If you have any questions and need help, you can turn to me for information through gmail.



  • Ukraininan students with the status of a temporarily displaced person can submit an application for admission of subsidized accommodation for the academic year 2023/2024.
  • More information and application.
  • In case of additional questions, don't hesitate to call on the telephone numbers (01) 530 6027 and (01) 530 6028 or email to .


Photo: www.pexels.com

  • Psychosocial councelling service welcomes students who would like someone to help them think over various views, issues, and dilemmas, and who would like to gain clarity about their (future) professional work or about issues that arise during practical work, when visiting or facing various users and institutions (supervision, coaching).
  • You can also contact the Social Legal Clinic for help. Contact: as. Sara Bagari,  and prof. dr. Grega Strban, .
  • Assistance may be offered also by your peer students at the Student Council, please contact them at  or .
  • If your permit for staying in Slovenia will expire soon, make sure that you apply for extension in time (keep in mind that Slovene administration is sometimes slow in processing applications). If you will need any help with that you can inform us or seek help at the Legal Clinic for Refugees and Foreigners (see above).
  • We are in continuous contact with the competent institutions in Slovenia (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, and the Embassy of Ukraine), as we want to make your stay in Slovenia easier.
  • Slovenia is willing to help those who find themselves in need because of the war in Ukraine. The Office of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia for the Support and Integration of Migrants has established a government call center with experts from various fields offering information on support and assistance provided to Ukrainian citizens. The call center operates daily Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 6 pm. A toll-free number 080 41 42 is available for calls from Slovenia. For international calls, please dial +386 1478 7530. They have also established a special e-mail address . Up-to-date information and contact numbers are also available in SlovenianEnglish and Ukrainian language. 
  • Procedure for obtaining temporary protection for displaced persons from Ukraine: A person who, during the period of temporary protection, declares on entering the Republic of Slovenia that he or she intends to apply for temporary protection in the Republic of Slovenia, shall fill out an Application for Temporary Protection form which shall be submitted to the police and besides, they shall also present all the evidence at their disposal which is relevant for the decision on granting temporary protection. In addition to the right to temporary residence in the Republic of Slovenia, a person granted temporary protection shall also have the right to: accommodation and meals in accommodation centres or financial assistance for private accommodation, healthcare, work, education, financial assistance or pocket money, family reunification, free legal assistance, information on rights and obligations and assistance in exercising rights arising from Temporary Protection of Displaced Persons Act. More information.

  • Useful information on arriving to Slovenia can also be found here.

Ljubljana, 21 - 23 February 2024

The University of Ljubljana is, under the auspices of the Milan Lenarčič Fund and the UDESIN School, organising a three-day international winter school, VOICES OF UKRAINE. It is intended to introduce the cultural heritage, language and history of Ukraine, to establish a permanent academic exchange between the two academic environments, to get to know each other and to strengthen the understanding of the importance of raising a generation of citizens who will strive for global justice, peace and solidarity.

Participants will learn about the past and present perspectives of Ukraine, presented by important cultural and academic names of today's Ukrainian society. Students from Ukraine will present their research projects and artworks, and in parallel there will be lectures, panel discussions and two screenings of the internationally award-winning Ukrainian film director Antoni Lukic. 

Find more about the PROGRAMME. Due to difficulties in arranging the travel from Ukraine, the programme may be modified. 

You will receive a certificate of participation with the seal of the University of Ljubljana. Participation is free of charge.

You are welcome to join us.




 If you need any assistance, advice, information, or support after reading these guides, please email us at 


Photo: Trey Mus, www.pexels.com