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Choose the right study - study at the University of Ljubljana

1. Slovenia
Population: 2 million
Area: 20,273 km2
Capital: Ljubljana
Official language: Slovenian
Currency: Euro
Political system: Democratic Republic
Member of the European union since 2004
Highest peak: Triglav (2864 m)
Coast: Adriatic Sea (47 km of coastline)
2.  Ljubljana
The capital of Slovenia
Area: 275 km2
Population: 292,988
Average January temperature: around 0 °C
Average July temperature: above 20 °C
Kongresni trg is one of the central squares in Ljubljana featuring the seat of the University of Ljubljana 
3.  University of Ljubljana
Established in 1919 with 5 member faculties

FIELDS OF STUDY: Art, Fine Arts, Natural Science, Technology and Engineering, Social Sciences, Humanities, Medicine and Health Sciences, Sport

At present: 23 faculties and 3 arts academies
1. Academy of Fine Arts and Design
2. Academy of Music
3. Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television
4. Biotechnical Faculty
5. Faculty of Public Administration
6. Faculty of Architecture
7. Faculty of Arts
8. Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology
9. Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering
10. Faculty of Computer and Information Science
11. School of Economics and Business
12. Faculty of Education
13. Faculty of Electrical Engineering
14. Faculty of Health Sciences
15. Faculty of Law
16. Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport
17. Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
18. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
19. Faculty of Medicine
20. Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering
21. Faculty of Pharmacy
22. Faculty of Social Sciences
23. Faculty of Social Work
24. Faculty of Sport
25. Faculty of Theology
26. Veterinary  Faculty

4.  Achievements
Among top 3 % in the world

5.  University of Ljubljana
37.615 students
•  3.094 international students
•  2.110 incoming exchange students
6.296 employees
4.252 registered researchers
370 young researchers + 16 post-docs
132 long-term research programmes
504 research projects

6.  International partnerships
•  8 strategic partnerships from 7 countries
•  127 central agreements from 37 countries
•  500 departmental agreements from 73 countries
•  2.508 Erasmus agreements
Areas of cooperation:
•  Exchange of students,  academic and administrative staff
•  Joint research activities/projects
•  Joint conferences, seminars, workshops, symposia etc.
•  Joint courses and/or curricula

7.  Degree Programmes 2020/2021
Bachelor and Single-cycle master degree programmes: 155 - TIMELINE
Master degree programmes: 189 (among this 11 Joint degree programmes)
Doctoral degree programmes: 21

800 subjects in English
Degree structure:
3 + 2 + 4
5-6 + 4
Programme search

8.  Programmes in English
Bachelor and Single-cycle master degree programmes: 3
Master degree programmes: 43
Doctoral degree programmes: 21 (in case international students are enrolled, the lecturers and students settle the language for the lectures; international students and mentors communicate in English or in another agreed foreign language)

9.  Information Days
• Informativa: January 24 and 25, 2020
• Information Days at the University of Ljubljana members (academies / faculties): February 14 and 15, 2020
• Information Day at the University of Ljubljana Rectorate: February 14, 2020
• On-line information days
• Educational fairs and conferences

10. Application periods
Bachelor and Single-cycle master degree programmes
Citizens of EU Member States
•  The first application deadline: from February 12, 2020 to April 9, 2020
•  The second application deadline: from August 20, 2020 to August 28, 2020
•  The third application deadline: from September 24, 2020 to September 25, 2020
Foreign citizens of non EU countries and Slovenians without Slovenian citizenship
•  Application deadline: from February 12, 2020 to April 20, 2020
•  The second application deadline: from September 9, 2020 to September 11, 2020
Master degree programmes
Please check for the deadline in the Call for enrollment for specific study programme (from May to September) 
Doctoral degree programmes
The application deadlines are different for every degree programme (from May to September)
11.  Enrolment and recognition of education

• Candidates submit the application for enrolment and recognition of foreign education through eVŠ web portal.

• Application and admission procedure:
• Technical assistance for filling out the application for enrolment:
• Recognition of foreign secondary education:
• Recognition of foreign education for enrolment in master and doctoral studies and for transfer: the authorised person at the relevant faculty/academy

12. Year Plus
Help for international students to adopt to the Slovenian system and culture in their first year in Slovenia
Target group of the Year Plus: international students in their first study year at the University of Ljubljana bachelor or master study programmes with no knowledge of Slovene language
Credit load:
•  30 ECTS credit points of which there are minimum 6 ECTS credit points from Slovene language course
•  For the rest of the ECTS credit points, the student selects other courses from the chosen study programme (degree programme courses) and other courses (specific Year Plus courses)
Academic year starts on 1 October and ends on 30 September

13. Fees
Fee is paid by:
•  Citizens of non-EU countries, excluding persons with international protection, applicants for international protection and persons from countries with which the Republic of Slovenia has concluded bilateral agreement (Slovenia has concluded bilateral agreements with North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo)
•  All students with already acquired equivalent degree of education
•  All doctoral students
•  All part-time students

14. Scholarships
Public Scholarship, Development, Disability and Maintenance Fund of the Republic of Slovenia
(Javni štipendijski, razvojni, invalidski in preživninski sklad Republike Slovenije)
Dunajska cesta 22
1000 Ljubljana
Website: www.sklad-kadri.si
Phone: +386 1 434 10 80

15. Accomodation
Student resident halls: Slovenians with no Slovenian citizenship receiving a scholarship by the Republic of Slovenia may apply for a room at the Student resident halls (www.stud-dom-lj.si)
Dormitory for postgraduate students: for employed doctoral students holding the status of young researcher and to doctoral students with no Slovenian citizenship and no young researcher status with granted scholarship in the Republic of Slovenia
Information regarding room or apartment rental
Student Counsel Institute,
Free Room Rental Agency m2
Website: www.mkvadrat.si
Other possibilities to rent a room

Temporary accommodation

16. Visa and Health insurance
Third-country nationals must hold a visa in order to enter the Republic of Slovenia
Representations abroad: www.mzz.gov.si/en/representations_abroad
Health ensurance
Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia: www.zzzs.si/indexeng.html
17. For all students
Student work opportunities
student job centres
Subsidised student meals
each working day – 2, 69 EUR (unless from July 15 to August 15)
more than 700 restaurants
prices: 2,69 – 7,00 EUR
Subsidised transportation
18. Exchange
You can apply to the University of Ljubljana as an exchange student for one or two semesters in case your home university is a partner university of University of Ljubljana
Application deadlines:
15 May for the winter semester/full academic year
15 November for the summer semester
19. Summerschools
Summer schools are a great way to boost up your academic knowledge during the summer break
20. Career centres
Everything is possible with timely career planning
•  Personal counselling: counselling on the choice of study programme – also by Skype
•  Workshops (self-evaluation, job search, career plan, job interview, etc.)
•  Career camps
•  Events to the topic of obtaining work experiences, apprenticeship, entrepreneurship and challenges abroad
•  Career days
•  Speed dates with employers
•  Presentations of employers
•  Students’ visits to real working environments
Website: www.kc.uni-lj.si
21. Tutelage and Extracurricular activities
We make things easier
A tutor for international students helps international students take care of administrative matters and integrate into student life and a new culture
Extracurricular activities
•  Art and culture
•  Social activities
•  Sports activities

22. Contact
We look forward to you studying at the University of Ljubljana