The University of Ljubljana has over 3,500 active researchers and carries out its research and art-related activity at faculties and academies, which cover activities in all areas of research and art. The University of Ljubljana is actively involved in international research and educational programmes and projects, especially the European Framework Programmes (H2020 and E+). More information.

The University of Ljubljana offers to its own as well as visiting researchers an excellent research environment and state-of-the-art research equipment for ground-breaking achievements and innovations. Openness to international researchers and the international flow of researchers are supported by the EURAXESS contact point and by the University’s inclusion in the Slovenian EURAXESS network. Detailed information on job opportunities is available here.

The members of the University of Ljubljana Global Network (SMUL) are hereby invited to send us their suggestions for cooperation in EU projects, which we will forward to the member institutions via our internal channels. In individual cases we can help find suitable researchers to cooperate with SMUL members in these projects.


The Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS) and the Development Fund can cover the costs of University of Ljubljana visiting professors and researchers with the SMUL members in charge of ERC projects.

In addition, the Development Fund can cover travel costs of up to EUR 1,000 for University of Ljubljana visiting professors and researchers with the SMUL members employed at KU Leuven, the universities included in The Guild and EUTOPIA, or the TOP15 universities (i.e., leading EU universities and research organisations in FP7 and H2020 projects).

University of Ljubljana researchers may also apply to ARRS calls for bilateral research projects with individual countries, which provide funding for visiting and exchange programmes (other countries publish calls for funding their own researchers), and calls for Erasmus staff teaching and training mobility programmes. In addition, University of Ljubljana students may apply for Erasmus student exchange programmes at institutions abroad with which we have concluded bilateral agreements or student traineeship programmes at companies. Useful information on Erasmus+ opportunities for students and staff and Erasmus+ opportunities for doctoral students and researchers.

SMUL members are hereby invited to send us information which institutions and companies would be willing to accept University of Ljubljana students for traineeships or accept our master and doctoral students who want to prepare their final work abroad.

The Slovenian Public Scholarship, Development, Disability and Maintenance Fund offers Ad futura scholarships to promote studying abroad and shorter student mobility or exchange programmes abroad, improve professional qualifications, provide staff for development and innovations in various academic fields and transfer knowledge and best practices to improve the competitiveness of the Slovenian economy. These scholarships may be awarded to Slovenians studying abroad, foreign nationals studying in Slovenia and for study visits and competitions abroad.

The Aleš Debeljak Programme for Integrating Slovenian Know-How and Innovations allows young Slovenian scientists studying abroad to return home. To be accepted they must apply for a funding of their research project which comes along with a job in Slovenia, with the programme covering the expenses of setting up a research team for a period of up to three years to the amount of EUR 100,000 a year. The programme covers all scientific fields equally. The funding provided by the first public call for the Aleš Debeljak Programme projects totalled EUR 1.2 million. The programme is part of the annual ARRS public call for research projects. Information on the 2020 call is available here.


Any interested SMUL members may be included on the list of successful teachers and scholars who could supervise doctoral students as advisors, co-advisors or committee members. You are also invited to participate in the Doctoral School annual events.

Other possible forms of cooperation include visits of our doctoral students with the interested SMUL members and of our Fullbright recipients with the SMUL members in the US, as well as secondments of our MSCA IF researchers (this must already be stated while applying for the MSCA IF funding).


The transfer of knowledge to the business sector is a strategic mission of the University of Ljubljana. To this end, the Knowledge Transfer Office operates at the University and acts as a bridge between research and business. The office is in charge of the University of Ljubljana’s intellectual property and the commercialization of inventions and other know-how. Its website offers a range of technologies suitable for selling, licensing or joint partnerships. In addition, the office promotes entrepreneurship at the University of Ljubljana by providing support for founding spin-out companies and works with the Ljubljana University Incubator to provide assistance to students in their careers as entrepreneurs.

The office is also an entry point for companies and organisations that wish to cooperate with the University of Ljubljana. It can find suitable solutions and connect companies and organisations with experts at the University of Ljubljana via its Your Challenges, Our Solutions service. On their web site, an Expertise browser is available in Slovene but soon, it will also allow searching for specific expertise among 26 University of Ljubljana member faculties in English. Also presented on its website are success stories about the cooperation between the University of Ljubljana and companies.

The Knowledge Transfer Office sees opportunities in the collaboration of the University of Ljubljana with development-oriented international industrial and business partners, co-hosting entrepreneurship lectures, promoting entrepreneurship among researchers, co-hosting the presentations of development trends, international research project opportunities, etc.


The University seeks to attract more international students who would enrol in its academic programmes, opt for an exchange programme at the University of Ljubljana or participate in its summer schools, projects and other activities. Every year, the University promotes itself at higher-education fairs abroad and through Slovenian language courses at foreign universities, prepares video and other presentations and promotional materials, and cooperates with the media on selected international markets and in selected magazines and journals. To improve our promotional activities, we have established contact with Slovenian embassies and societies abroad and secondary schools in selected countries, and begun promoting our programmes on the masterstudies and phdstudies portals.

All interested SMUL members are invited to become our ambassadors abroad and present their careers to those interested in learning more about the University of Ljubljana.


Two years ago, the University of Ljubljana Alumni Club Network was set up at the University, bringing together fifty-eight alumni clubs of the University of Ljubljana’s faculties and academies. Please join us on the University of Ljubljana Alumni web portal, through which the faculties and academies connect with their graduates. Information on the alumni club of individual faculties/academies is available on the University of Ljubljana Alumni Club Network’s website, where you can enter a web portal and reconnect with your former schoolmates, professors and other University of Ljubljana alumni. Registration is simple and can be done via your Facebook or LinkedIn profiles. University of Ljubljana member institutions hold various alumni conferences and we plan to further enhance our support activities in the coming months. We will promote various forms of mentorship and a digital platform will be set up to facilitate its implementation and communication within the alumni community.


Procedures for appointment to a title is conducted by the University of Ljubljana member institution (Faculty or Academy) in accordance with the Criteria for Appointment to the Titles of University Teachers, Researchers and Associates at the University of Ljubljana.

Applicants start the procedure by submitting an application for appointment to a title in an individual habilitation area at the relevant member institution. The application for appointment to a title must be prepared in accordance with the Instructions for Implementation of the Criteria (technical instructions). From 1 October 2020, the procedure for appointment to a title will be free of charge, whereby it will only be carried out for applicants for the cooperation with whom the University of Ljubljana shows interest in.

If you do not hold a title and wish to apply for a job vacancy for which a title is required, you do not have to file an application for appointment to a title before applying for the job. We recommend you check the quantitative and qualitative conditions for the title that is specified as required for filling the position. Together with your application for the job you must also submit evidence of fulfilling the quantitative and qualitative criteria for appointment to this title or recognition of the title. You must also enclose a statement that you agree to your application being treated as an application for appointment to a title or for recognition of a title. At the proposal of the selection committee and taking into account the interest shown in cooperation, the member institution will carry out the procedure for appointment to a title.

A few years ago, we introduced the visiting professor/researcher institute, for which the verification procedure is shorter, taking two months on average. Anyone with a suitable valid title at another university or an independent higher education or research institution, or anyone holding a position at such an organisation for which at least equal conditions are required as for a title at the University of Ljubljana, may be appointed a visiting university teacher or visiting researcher. Visiting professors or researchers are appointed for a period of twelve months, with the possibility of being reappointed for an additional twelve months.

This link provides all the remaining relevant information on procedures for appointment to a title.



If you are interested in a job at the University of Ljubljana, we invite you to check open positions for job vacancies:

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OPPORTUNITIES FOR COLLABORATION WITH THE MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS - at you can find information and proposals for collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (only in Slovene).