Students who demonstrate long-term impairments, disorders, deficiencies or illnesses may obtain the status of student with special needs in the study process at UL. Students who demonstrate important achievements in the fields of sports, the arts and culture, and international competitions, and student parents up until the start of compulsory schooling for children, may obtain special status in the study process at UL.

The application for obtaining the status of a student with special needs and special status may be submitted by a student of the first, second or third cycle of their study programme. A student may also submit the application during any study year if a circumstance occurs during the year or a circumstance suggests the need for adjustments within a limited time period. The content of the application and special enclosures (evidence) are defined in the Rules.

More information about types of status can be found here.  

Candidates with an assigned special status or a status with special needs are placed on the list of accepted candidates above the limited number of enrollment places - if in the selection process of the application deadline in which they submitted their application, they meet the general conditions for enrollment in the study program and have not be accepted into any other program, and achieve at least 90% of the minimum points required for admission. More information and the form can be found at the links below.