Cooperation in and linking of science, education, business sector and society has become a necessity in the ever more competitive and globalized world. The university has long ago started the tradition of knowledge creation and transfer to students through education. The students then transfer this knowledge through (self) employment to working environments and make use of it. However, the university is not the only creator of knowledge; knowledge is a product of working processes as well. Therefore it is the goal of the University of Ljubljana to accelerate the knowledge transfer with strengthening the development of research and with providing our graduates with skills and competences for independent career paths. It is our goal to strengthen the links between education, research, business and society already during the study process. The result is this web-site where our Member faculties and academies present their activities with the opportunities for cooperation in knowledge transfer between business and public sector, students and researchers.

Every University of Ljubljana Member is presented with the key areas and activities which can contribute to facing challenges and finding new solutions for the potential partners. Partners from business and public sector are informed about the current projects and interesting achievements; they are encouraged for joint research and other projects, while the students are invited to innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial projects. All this with the purpose of contributing to the body of knowledge and further development of economy and society.

Welcome to the co-creation of knowledge transfer!

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