Intellectual property protection is very important from the economical point of view – it influences competitiveness of various market players, their long-term development of research and investments, founding new or broadening the existing economic branches, opening new jobs, and last but not least increasing the income from the taxes.


Intellectual property is an independent legal area; the law providing for the forms and contents of rights, forms of economic application etc., as well as prevention from violation of the rights. The entrepreneurial character of these rights requires relevant management.

In the intellectual property protection, the following facts are relevant:

  • The beneficiary of the right may prohibit commercial application of the object of this right, for which the marketing release was not given.
  • The protection of these rights applies exclusively to economic activity.
  • The rights are territorial and as a rule, granted for a limited period of time, except for trademarks, commercial names, and geographical indications, which are protected without time limitations. After the time, prescribed by the law, such object becomes public good and is free for commercial application.


Intelektualna lastnina cpt




A patent is a set of exclusive rights granted to a natural or legal person for an innovation, which is new, invented, and applicable in industry.




Industrial design


Protection of know how


Other types of protecting intellectual property