Numerous top development and research results are achieved in the public research institutions. Some have the potential for marketing but face the transfer obstacles such as demanding procedures and uncertainty of success.


The final result depends on the form of commercialization chosen by the researcher or the research team – there are different approaches regarding the needs and offers and choosing the right one is of utmost importance. The information about the variety of the technology transfer forms is presented here.


Prenos tehnologij CPT



Spin-offs are founded with the purpose to commercialize a certain research and development product or a combination of such products. In the case of public research institutions, such a spin-off is co-owned partly by the institution. The University of Ljubljana has currently no direct possibility of founding spin-offs.


Marketing of intellectual property based on license in the framework of spin-outs

Gre za dokaj uveljavljeno obliko sodelovanja med javnimi raziskovalnimi organizacijami in gospodarstvom kjer je pomembno, da so kakovostno pogodbeno urejena vprašanja zaščite intelektualne lastnine ter komercialni del sodelovanja. V primeru Univerze v Ljubljani je to področje v pristojnosti posameznih fakultet.

Marketing intellectual property directly to customers

In successful protection of intellectual property, this can be placed on the market as the sale of the patent or model or as licensing agreement to external partners-companies, which have no other connections to the public research organization.

Contractual research

Contractual research is a well-established form of cooperation between public research organizations and the economy, whereby the intellectual property issues and the commercial part of cooperation are defined by the contract. In case of the University of Ljubljana, this area is mandated to the University of Ljubljana Members.


Joint partnership research

 As a difference from the contractual research, joint partnership research focuses on bigger research projects in the interest of both, public research organization and the economy or other partners (consortium as a requirement for applications to projects, complementing competences, etc.). The complicated relations with reference to shared intellectual property rights and the effects of a good commercialization of a product or service requires good and thorough legal grounds. In case of the University of Ljubljana, this area is mandated to the University of Ljubljana Members.