The University of Ljubljana follows global trends in the promotion of entrepreneurship among students and academic workers.

For this reason we founded the Ljubljana University Incubator. Namely, good ideas created during the study process should come to life. 

The Ljubljana University Incubator offers comprehensive support to start-up companies. It is a way of helping them overcome initial obstacles.

Activities of LUI

Currently, LUI includes 18 companies and 6 entrepreneurial groups. The most prominent, such as the companies Zemanta and MountVacation, have succeeded in penetrating the Slovenian and foreign markets and in obtaining important investments for project development. Among others is the somewhat younger but very successful Uniki, selected from 21 finalists in the prestigious Seedcamp competition in 2008. 

LUI provides young people with premises, infrastructure and entrepreneurial counselling,  all key to starting new businesses. A fundamental mission of LUI is also to establish the efficient and rapid transfer of knowledge and technologies from the centres of knowledge to the economy. To this end, we organize entrepreneurial workshops and similar activities on a regular basis to promote the establishment of research start-up companies. To raise entrepreneurial awareness we also regularly hold various social events featuring business content. 

If you have an interesting idea and want to put it into effect, then join us. We will help you develop your business idea, create a business plan and find the appropriate candidates for cooperation. 

Everyone interested in entrepreneurship and possibly founding a company is welcome to attend our free workshops. For more information about workshops and how to apply, write to the following e-mail address: 

Information about how to write a business plan, how to found a company, and much more is available at the Ljubljana University Incubator website.