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Academy of Music works in the areas of humanities and art.

The academy provides education and art in music. Every year, the academy organizes more than 100 concert events, which can also provide an artistic environment for hosting partners in economy. Musical ensembles, chamber groups, or soloists can perform at various promotional events. The academy cooperates exemplary with the Slovenian public cultural institutions and is very active also in the international environment.

Contact: full prof. Matjaž Drevenšek ().


Academy of theatre, film, and television was founded in 1945 and is the only higher education institution in Slovenia to provide education in this area. Undergraduate and postgraduate education is closely linked to art and research and is based on individual work. In addition to development of students' practical skills, the academy provides academic knowledge. The teachers are leading experts and researchers in the area of theatre, film, and television, in their educational, research, artistic, and public activities led by their academic and artistic independence, autonomy, and humanism.

The academy has three departments – Department for theatre and radio, Department for film and television, Department for dramaturgy and scene art – and the Centre for theatrology and filmology. Education is provided by the departments in four areas: acting, directing, film and television, and dramaturgy. The basic activities of the Centre for theatrology and filmology is collecting and preserving of information and documentation in the area of theatre, radio, film, and television. The centre manages a large collection of books and other visual material, conducts research projects in acting performance and audio-visual media.

Academy students present their work annually in the form of theatre productions, short films, and television plays open for public; films directed by the academy students are often presented on public television. The students are regularly attending national and foreign theatre and film festivals.

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The academy offers artistic and design production in fine art and design, as well as other services for activities, which need support in the areas of the academy's performance.

In addition, the academy offers services in restoration and conservation of art works.

  •  The academy offers services in the following areas:
  • ; contact: assoc. prof. Zmago Lenárdič ().
  • ; contact: assoc. prof. Alen Ožbolt ().
  • Restoration and conservation of art works; contact: assoc. prof. Tamara Trček Pečak (
  • ; contact: prof. Ranko Novak ().
  • ; contact: prof. Vladimir Pezdirc ().