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Faculty of Arts is the most important national university institution for education and research in humanities and social sciences, with 5900 students on all three degree cycles. There are over 600 distinguished university teachers and researchers, organized in 21 departments covering historic, cultural, literary, linguistic, and social sciences.

Education is closely connected to numerous networks of student and staff mobility with 281 European universities. International office; contact: Anja Golec ().

The faculty provides for a network of lectorates and studies of Slovenian language as the second or a foreign language at 57 universities worldwide. Centre for Slovenian language as the second or a foreign languag; contact: dr. Mojca Nidorfer Šiškovič ().

Faculty of Arts is an internationally recognized research institution. More than 450 researchers are included in  17 research programmes and in more than 40 project groups (national and international) with more than 450 researchers, joined in the Scientific Institute of the Faculty of Arts. ; contact: Andrej Prosen,

An important role in research is played by the Scientific publishing of FF with the annual edition of 70 monographs and the support of edition to 12 scientific reviews, among which also editions with high international impact. Contact: dr. Matevž Rudolf;

In addition to the basic activities, the Faculty of Arts successfully provides training courses, counselling and professional services on the market in cooperation with partners from the economy. The most important activities in this respect are language courses  (22 languages), programmes of pedagogical training, professional seminars, services in ultural heritage protection. ; contact: Luka Hrovat (); : contact: Luka Hrovat (); : contact: Matija Vedenik ().