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Faculty of natural science and engineering covers natural sciences, technology and art.

The faculty offers services in research, expertise, project design and audit of projects in materials, metallurgy and production technologies, geology, terotechnology, mining and geoengineering, textiles, graphic and information technology, fashion design, environmental protection, education, training, and student recruitment.

The faculty works closely with the partners from economy and services sector at home and abroad and offers numerous services in the following areas:

1.     Research, counselling and expertize, business education and training in:

  • Metallurgy, materials, production technologies and environmental protection; at the Department of materials and metallurgy; contact: Ines Langerholc ().
  • Geology, geological mapping and engineering geological mapping, sedimentology analyses, geomedicine, stud of mineralogy of natural and artificial materials, petrology, hydrogeology with analyses and exploiting of groundwater sources; at the Department of geology; contacts: prof. dr. Mihael Brenčič (), Špela Turič ().
  • Seismology, applied geophysics, tunnel building, geomechanics, geodetic engineering, measurements in mining, technical mining, drilling techniques and geothermic, mechanical and process technology, management of waste, numerical modelling of underground fluids, applied geophysics and hydrogeology; at Department of geotechnology and mining: contacts: assist. prof.. dr. Goran Vižintin (), Nives Vukič ().
  • Textile materials, production of textiles and clothes, textile protection, ecology in textile industry, preservation of textile cultural heritage and forensic textile examination; at the Institute of Textile and Graphic Technology and Design; contact: prof. dr. Barbara Simončič (), assist. prof. dr. Lidija Černe ().
  • Graphic and information technology; at the Institute of Textile and Graphic Technology and Design; contact: dr. Blaž Rat ().
  • Design of textile and clothing collections, home ware, protocol gifts and souvenirs, exhibitions and textile interiors, organization of textile workshops, textile design and clothing fashion shows; at the Department of Textiles; contact: prof. Almira Sadar (). 
  • Informatics in natural sciences, chemistry of natural compounds and technology, micro capsuling; at the Department of Chemical Education and Informatics; contact: prof. dr. Bojana Boh ().
  • Education of chemistry and natural-science teachers and higher education teachers, active teaching methods, use and evaluation of various approaches to teaching, production of contemporary teaching materials and devices in natural sciences; at the Department of Chemical Education and Informatics and the Institute for Education in Natural Sciences; contact: assoc. prof. dr. Vesna Ferk Savec (), assist. prof. dr. Katarina S. Wissiak Grm (). 

2.     Project work with students, cooperation in diploma works, master theses and doctoral dissertations, cooperation of engineers and experts from practice, other forms of inclusion of economy, industry and professional practice in study programmes are coordinated by the department managers.

Contacts: Department of materials and metallurgy: Ines Langerholc (), Department of geology: prof. dr. Mihael Brenčič (),  Department of geotechnology and mining: assist. prof. dr. Jože Kortnik () and doc. dr. Evgen Dervarič (), Department of Textiles: mag. Mirjam Leskovšek (), Department of Chemical Education and Informatics: prof. dr. Bojana Boh () and assoc. prof. prof. dr. Vesna Ferk Savec ().

3.    Career counselling services, also including recruitment services to companies are provided by the Career Centres of the University of Ljubljana.




The Faculty of Pharmacy offers research and counselling in all areas of pharmacy, laboratory biomedicine, and cosmetology. The faculty organizes annual post-graduate life-long learning courses.

  • Life-long learning courses; contact: Alenka Zvonar, mag. farm. (); Nina Kočevar Glavač, mag. farm. ().
  • Cooperation in ; contact: prof. dr. Irena Mlinarič - Raščan ().
  • Student project work, cooperation in diploma works, master theses, doctoral dissertations and other projects and seminars, professional counselling in the area of pharmacy, cosmetology, and laboratory biomedicine; contact: assoc. prof. dr. Aleš Obreza, mag. farm. ().

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  • Institute of Microbiology and Immunology provides services in laboratory diagnostics, research, and counselling in microbiology and immunology. It cooperates closely with health and research institutions at home and abroad and implements laboratory diagnosis testing for detection of microbial disease agents and for monitoring the immune response during the microbial infections. More info; contact: prof. dr. Srečko Koren, dr. med. ().
  • Institute of Forensic Medicine provides the following professional services: autopsy, recognition, confirmation, and certification of death in the area of the Municipality of Ljubljana and the surrounding municipalities, catastrophe services, forensic medicine expertize, laboratory services in clinical and forensic toxicology, molecular genetics and alchoholometry. More info… Contact: Head of institute prof. dr. Jože Balažic, dr. med. ().
  • Institute of Pathology performs supreme sevices in laboratory and diagnostic activities in all areas of pathology. The services are tailored to the needs of customers. The institute has the leading role in Slovenia regarding many areas of pathology., contact: mag. Anja Milenković Kramer, univ. dipl. ekon. ().


In addition to provision of the degree study programmes and research, the faculty offers life-long learning in veterinary medicine and provides services in regulated area of veterinary medicine by authorisation of the Ministry of agriculture and environment for the purpose of veterinarian, health and market inspection. The faculty includes the National Veterinary Institute which provides laboratory diagnostics in disease agents, microbiological contaminants, tocsins and spoilers in food and water. The diagnostic is intended for holders and breeders of animals, veterinarian institutes, producers of animal origin food and animal feed, food processing, and pharmaceutical industry. The faculty provides reliable results in testing, it is an accredited institution according to the ISO/IEC 17025 standard (general requirements for qualifications for testing and calibrating laboratories).

The faculty services are offered in the following areas:

  • Life-long learning, post-graduate education and additional professional training; contact: mag. Mateja Stvarnik (01 477 91 47, ).
  • Laboratory diagnostics and analyses; possibilities of studies in chemical analytics; biochemical analytics of blood, urine, milk and other bodily fluids; molecular methods, serological diagnostics; parasitological diagnostics; possibility of toscicologycal studies, clinical studies, etc.; contact: Head of the National veterinary Institute prof. dr. Tadej Malovrh (01 477 92 26, ).
  • Other operational, developmental, and educational activities:
    • Institute for Hygiene and Pathology of Animal Feed; contact: assist. prof. doc. dr. Breda Jakovac Strajn (01 477 92 31, ).
    • Clinic for Chirurgy and Small Animals; contact: assist. prof. dr. Alenka Seliškar (01 477 92 83, ).
    • Institute for Poultry Health Care; contact: prof. dr. Olga Zorman Rojs (01 477 92 42, ).
    • Clinic for Reproduction and Horses; contact: prof. dr. Marjan Kosec (01 477 92 62, ).
    • Institute for Microbiology and Parasitology; contact: higher scientific associate dr. Brane Krt (01 477 91 67, ).
    • Institute for Hygiene of Food and Bromatology; contact: prof. dr. Ksenija Šinigoj Gačnik (01 477 91 87, ).

The faculty is offering cooperation in basic and applied scientific research in a wider area of biomedicine. In addition to our laboratory diagnostics, we also perform good quality research in neuroscience and behavioural neurobiology, research of receptors bound with protein G, which are targets for many medicines, electrophisiological research, genome research, etc.

Institute or Anatomy, Histology, and Embryology; contact: prof. dr. Milka Vrecl (01 477 91 18, ).
Institute for Physiology, Pharmacology, and Tocsicology; contact: prof. dr. Robert Frangež (01 477 91 31,
Centre for Genomics; contact: prof. dr. Gregor Majdič (01 477 92 10,

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The faculty offers services in health sciences:

  • Centre for life-long learning: contact: Vesna Osojnik () More info…:
    • training programmes for clinical mentors;
    • home and international conferences, workshops, symposia, seminars for professional and other public;
    • accredited life-long study programmes.
  • Division for Health Ecology and Control; contact: assist. prof. dr. Borut Poljšak (), website.   
  • Division for Physiotherapy; contact: higher lecturer mag Sonja Hlebš (), website.   
  • Division for Biomechanics; contact: prof. dr. France Sevšek (), website.   
  • Division ; contact: higher lecturer mag. Damjan Slabe (), website.   
  • Division for  Social Aspects of Health and Health Care; contact: assist. prof. dr. Barbara Domajnko (), website.   
  • Division for Occupational Therapy; contact: higher lecturer mag. Cecilija Lebar (), website.   
  • Division for Orthotics and Prosthetics; contact: lecturer Mojca Divjak (), website.   
  • Midwifery Division; contact: higher lecturer Teja Škodič Zakšek, MSc (), website
  • Division for Health and Sanitary Microbiology; contact: higher lecturer dr. Anamarija Zore (), website.   
  • Division for Physiological Chemistry, Nutrition and Dietetics; contact: prof. dr. Irina Milisav Ribarič (), website.