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Faculty of Electrical Engineering

The faculty offers research, development, counselling, education and training and student recruitment in the area of electrical engineering sciences. The faculty cooperates closely with partners from the economy and service sector at home and abroad and offers various services in the following areas:

  • Research, development, and professional training in 33 research laboratories; contact: assoc. prof. dr. Tadej Kotnik ().
  • University of Ljubljana Career Centre Services for the students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering; contact: Andreja Jurček ().
  • Project work with students, cooperation in diploma works, master theses and doctoral dissertations, and other assignments, participation of guest from practice; contact: prof. dr. Gregor Dolinar ().
  • Alumni club of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering represents a professional, scientific, and a social meeting point of students from all the study programmes and different generations, who successfully completed study at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering; contact: .
  • OpenLab is a youth centre connecting knowledge, educational institutions and firms; the centre is becoming an important medium for extracurricular activities (workshops, presentations, lectures…) and for the promotion of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.



The faculty offers research, development, counselling, and educational services in computer science, informatics, and ICT. The faculty cooperates closely with the economy – more than a third of its projects are connected to the economy.

The faculty offers cooperation in the following areas:

  • Research and development – joint projects with laboratories, joint development and research, applied development, building innovation capacities and establishing an innovation centre at the Faculty of Computer nad Information Science
  • Education and training of the faculty employees at the FRI academy.
  • Project work with students – mentoring of student project teams within the Garaže FRI, student challenges and competitions, cooperation in work on the diploma and master theses projects.

In 2014 the faculty is moving to new premises, where new, more intensive forms of cooperation with economy will be implemented. The cooperation potential includes 1155 enrolled undergraduate students and 180 postgraduate students. There are 106 higher education teachers and assistants at the faculty,  and 52 researchers. Research takes place on developmental and applied projects in 20 laboratories, linked in 6 departments.

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Departments and Laboratories

Contact: Vice-dean for research prof. dr. Branko Matjaž Jurič ().


The faculty offers research and counsellingin maritime studies, transport, and logistics, education and training and recruitment of students.

The faculty cooperates closely with the economy and the service sector in the areas of maritime, transport, and logistics, both at home and abroad.

The faculty offers cooperation in the following areas: 

  • Provision of courses and trainings in maritime according to the international convention STCW (International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping for Seafarers) on the most advanced simulators; contact: assist. prof. dr. Peter Vidmar ().
  • Provision of courses and professional examinations for maritime agents (by authorisation of the Ministry of infrastructure and space); contact: higher lecture mag. Martina Vidmar ().
  • Career Centre services, providing recruitment services to firms; contact: Ivanka Stritar ().
  • Alumni club UL FPP, for providing a platform to the students and graduates for exchange of experience and meeting point; contact: Ivanka Stritar ().
  • Section for the promotion of transport, formed by students to promote transport; contact: Urška Žižmond ().

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The faculty's main activities are undergraduate and postgraduate education and researchh in civil engineering, environmental civil engineering and geodetic engineering.A special segment is knowledge transfer, professional and counselling activities in all the areas of built environment according to the demand of the Slovenian industry.

The Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering is closely cooperating with industry and other economy and services especially in the following areas: 

  • Education, research and professional services is provided within 21 educational and research units, 3 laboratories, and 2 institutes.
  • Many final theses and dissertations at all cycles of study are elaborated in cooperation with industry and services based on real situation projects and assignments; contact: prof. dr. Jože Korelc ().
  • The organizer of practical training in the Promotional career centre is in charge of  project work including students and of students' inclusion in professional practices in industry and services. His task is also coordination of demand and supply of students' work and counselling students in search of employment; contact: assoc. prof. dr. Andreja Istenič Starčič ().
  • Professional and counselling services include preparation of project documentation, research reports, studies, project audits, expert opinions in the area of civil engineering (contact: assoc. prof. dr. Janko Logar; ), environmental civil engineering (contact: assist. prof. dr. Dušan Žagar; and geodetic engineering (contact: prof. dr. Bojan Stopar; Professional and counselling services are provided by contracting, public procurements, and invitations.


The faculty provides:

  • Research, professional, and counselling for business partners in energy and process mechanical engineering, construction, mechanics, and maintenance of machines, production mechanical engineering, mechatronics, micromechanical systems, and automation. Link to the detailed description of industries and activities. Contact: mag. Tanja Mavrič Rušt (01 477 11 39, ).
  • Business education and training in the above areas. Link to education and training. 
  • Project work with students, cooperation in diploma and master theses, doctoral dissertations, and other assignments, hosting guests from industry, business cases and other forms of inclusion of business practice in educational process is coordinated by Vice-dean for education. Contacts: I. cycle: assoc.  prof. dr. Roman Šturm (01 477 14 31, ), II. and III. cycle: prof. dr. Mitjan Kalin (01 477 14 62, ).