The Rector of the University of Ljubljana is Prof. Dr. Gregor Majdič.

The Rector’s Field of Work
The Rector heads, represents and embodies the university, particularly by:
1. taking responsibility for the legality of university activities and the discharge of its obligations,
2. signing official university documents and contracts concluded by the university,
3. calling and chairing University Senate meetings,
4. coordinating the educational, research & development, artistic and other activities of university members in implementing the national programme of higher education,
5. adopting, with the assent of the Senate, quality criteria relating to the university, study programmes, its research & development, artistic and expert work,
6. taking care of university quality assessment and assurance,
7. selecting vice-rectors from candidates approved by the Senate,
8. appointing the deans of the university members proposed by the member’s senate,
9. deciding, upon the proposal of a member’s dean, on the conclusion and termination of the employment contracts of teaching staff, their redistribution across the members within the university and giving consent to their work outside the university,
10. conferring PhDs,
11. presenting university awards and other marks of recognition,
12. reporting the university’s work to the Senate, Administrative Board and Founder,
13. issuing the decision on calling and holding elections to the university Senate and Administrative Board,
14. defining the classification of the job positions at the university,
15. performing other responsibilities in accordance with the law, the Statute and other general acts of the university.