Vice-Rector prof. dr. Goran TurkAfter graduation in 1987, he was engaged as a young researcher at the Faculty of Architecture, Civil and Geodetic Engineering. He finished his doctoral studies at the same faculty. During his postgraduate studies, he spent 3 years at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore (USA), where he obtained a Master of Science degree.

From 1994, he has been actively included in the life and work of the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering. He taught or assisted in the subjects: Statics, Solidity, Statistics, Reliability of Structures, and Operational research. He was appointed assistant professor in 1997, associate professor in 2002 and full professor in mechanics in 2008. His work in higher education has resulted in five university text books, edited by the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering. Since 1995, he and his associates have been organizing annual competition of secondary education students in civil engineering mechanics to promote technical sciences.

His area of research is numerical modelling in civil constructions, mostly wooden constructions on fire and massive concrete constructions. He also conducts research in various applications of static methods in civil and geodetic engineering. He is actively engaged in classification of wooden constructions by solidity; he was the manager of two national projects and participated in three international projects. He is currently a member of the working group at the CEN, preparing new standards for classification of wooden elements. Among other publications, he published 45 articles in renowned international reviews, cited 313 times in the Web of Knowledge. He is a member of the editing board of one review and a reviewer of articles for many reviews with an influence factor.

Since 1999, he has been the head of the postgraduate study in civil engineering – constructional orientation. He has been a member of the faculty and the university quality assurance commissions for a number of yeaars. Since 2012, he has been appointed national evaluator of higher education institutions and study programmes; he has been a president of four evaluation groups for accreditation of higher education institution or a study programme. H was appointed  Vice- Rector by the University of Ljubljana Senate upon  proposal of the  Rector prof. dr. Ivan Svetlik in September 2013.