Vice-Rector prof. dr. Maja Makovec BrenčičProf. dr. Maja Makovec Brenčič, is a Full Professor of International Business at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana (UL EF). Her main research areas are internationalization of firms, international marketing, B2B and relationship marketing. She published in Journal of International Marketing, International Marketing Review, European Journal of Marketing, Industrial Marketing Management and other international journals. She contributed to different international monographs and conference proceedings and served as a reviewer for international conferences or academic journals in her research areas. She is involved with various professional and academic associations (EMAC etc.). In 2011 she chaired the Ljubljana EMAC congress which was organized by FELu. She is also a president of the Slovenian Marketing Association and vice-chair of the Slovenian Advertising Arbitration Board. She also runs UL EF International Business graduate programme and often consults to Slovenian international companies. Till April 2013 she was also the president of the council of Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education of Slovenia. In June 2013 she was appointed president of EMAC (European Marketing Academy), the largest academic marketing organization in Europe. She was apointed Vice- Rector by the University of Ljubljana Senate upon proposal of the Rector prof. dr. Ivan Svetlik in September 2013.