Vice-Rector prof. dr. Martin ČopičMartin Čopič is a full professor in physics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the University of Ljubljana. He graduated in 1972, completed his master study in 1977, and obtained his doctoral title in 1979 at the Department of Physics of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology of the University of Ljubljana. He further pursued post-doctoral study at the City College of New York; he was included in research twice as a guest at the University of Colorado and at the University of Cambridge. His research is dedicated to the liquid crystals physics and other soft matters. He is the author or the co-author of about 130 articles in international scientific reviews. He was a mentor of 14 doctoral and 10 master students and 45 diplomas. He was the Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the University of Ljubljana, a member and the secretary of the International liquid crystal association and a member of the Liquid Crystals review editorial board. Together with associates he received the Boris Kidrič fund award in 1982 and the Zois award in 2001. The University of Ljubljana Senate appointed him Vice-Rector for the period 1 October 2013 – 1 October 2017 upon proposal of the Rector prof. dr. Ivan Svetlik.