The University of Ljubljana signed the contract for construction of new premises for the UL Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology and for the UL Faculty of Computer and Information Science. The contractor is the consortium of the companies SGP Pomgrad d.d.,Murska Sobota,  Begrad d.d., Novo mesto, and IMP d.d., Ljubljana. On behalf od the University of Ljubljana, the contract was signed by the Rector prof. dr. Radovan Stanislav Pejovnik and on behalf of the cponsortium by the President of the Board of the SGP Pomgrad d.d. g. Tadej Ružič.

The Rector prof. dr. Radovan Stanislav Pejovnik: »This is one of the most important events in my career. I have worked for more than 15 years for the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology to obtain the needed and deserved premises. The same goes for both Deans; prof. Meden,  and prof. Zimic. I believe that the consortium of our building contractors will do good work and within the time limits set in the contract signed today. Thank to all my associates for all the good work done until now. »


Mr. Tadej Ružič: »This contract is the highest value contract I have ever signed. I feared my hand would shake, but it didn't. We wish good and fruitful cooperation. We will do everything possible to fulfil our obligations in due time.«
The building of the two faculties' buildings is the biggest project in Slovenia, co-funded by the EU – ERDF. The University of Ljubljana obtained 88 million EUR funds for the construction of new premises. The biggest project of the University of Ljubljana is also a significant contribution to the Slovenian economy recovery. It is also a unique Slovenian project, the first infrastructural project in the area of research and education with such a high amount of European co-funding.


Foto: Željko Stevanić, IFP d.o.o.