In April 2001, the University Governing Board decided to place the project “Novogradnja UL FKKT in UL FRI” on the list of priority investments. The decision was based on the studies of possible spatial solutions from 1999 for the UL FKKT and from 2000 for the UL FRI. 

The project design ran separately at the beginning and at different times. The elaborate on the best spatial option for the UL FKKT, defined the location near the Biotechnical faculty. The location was defined more in detail in the Document on identification of the UL FKKT investment project (September 2001). The same document was elaborated for the UL FRI in June 2004. Both documents define key spatial parameters, including the installation and adjacent surface areas.

By 2007, the land for building the UL FKKT near the Biotechnical Faculty was purchased, the land assessed as the most suitable for the new building. An additional study opened the possibility of joint venture of both faculties on the same location. The pre-investment design of the UL FKKT and the UL FRI object was designed in July 2007 and the project design in August 2007. The activities for the preparation of the investment programme – obtaining necessary analyses, documentation, and consents were intensified. Special attention was dedicated to the environmental issues, since the building site borders on the area of NATURA 2000.


Slovenia defined investments in development of education and research infrastructure, also in the area of higher education, as one of the key development priorities. This priority was included in the Operational programme for 2007-2013 as strengthening the knowledge base. This led to the preparation of the investment programme “Novogradnja UL FKKT in UL FRI” and opened real possibilities for applying for the ERDF funds, since both faculties develop and research in the areas important for raising economic competitiveness.