1. In June 2009, the investment programme for the new construction of the UL FKKT and the UL FRI was adopted by the University Governing Board at its meeting on 9 July, 2009. So began the process of obtaining the co-funding of the investment by the European Commission. Until December 2009, the investment programme was amended several times. The investment itself is ranked among the "major projects" by the EC, due to its complexity and value. The preparation of the investment programme and all the coordination until the confirmation by the European Commission was conducted by a special working group led by the Rector. Indispensible members of the group were also the Deans of the UL FKKT and the UL FRI.
  2. On 25 March, 2010 - The University, the investor, forwarded the application for the EU grant to the agent, the ministry responsible of higher education. The ministry inspected the application and forwarded it to the Government Office for Local Self-Government and Regional Policy on 8 April, 2010. Because the investment “Novogradnja UL FKKT in UL FRI” belongs to the “big projects”, the Government Office sent the application to the international consulting firm, selected by the EU, to JASPERS. The first coordination meeting with the firm was in Bruxelles on 2 June 2010. After the meeting the University prepared extensive adaptations and supplements of the application and forwarded it to the relevant ministry in September 2010. The second coordination meeting with the JASPERS and the ministry was at the end of October 2010 to jointly reflect on the proposal of the investment programme.
  3. In February 2011 the University prepared the English language version of  the third draft of the investment programme »Novogradnja UL FKKT in UL FRI« in which all the proposals and suggestions of the JASPERS were included. The JASPERS received the whole documentation on 15 March, 2011. After the third coordination meeting, held on 31 March 2011 and on 1 April 2011, the consulting firm gave positive assessment of the documentation and this led to the final steps for the EU grant application. On 21 April, 2011, the University forwarded the application for the EU grant and the proposal of the investment programme “Novogradnja UL FKKT in UL FRI” to the ministry for official confirmation.
  4. After the official submission of the application, a multiphase and extensive coordination started with the relevant bodies, institutions and the EU, especially due to the fact, that the investment is a large European infrastructural investment. Preliminary coordination was concluded with a positive assessment of our environmental protection measures and the positive assessment of the JASPERS on the application for the EU grant, including the investment programme. This meant that all the international requirements were met for the final proposal, which was sent to the ministry at the end of May 2011.
  5. This was the start of the formal evaluation of the eligibility and justification of the application. On 27 June, 2011, the University received the formally positive statement on the application from the European Commission (the JASPERS). The EU received the completed application on 30 June, 2011. The first comments by the EU were received at the University on 5 August, 2011.  Due to very thorough preliminary checking, the application was prepared so that there were not many comments and the University answered them by the middle of September 2011 and send them to the EU in October 2011. The most demanding part of the comments were the environmental issues which were resolved by the Ministry of environment and agriculture by the beginning of November 2011.
  6. On 22 December 2011 the University received the EU grant amounting to 75.264.976 EUR for the investment programme »Novogradnja UL FKKT in UL FRI«