The Investment programme »Novogradnja UL FKKT in UL FRI« directly contributes to the realization of the key priority of the Operational Programme for Strengthening Regional Development Potentials of Slovenia for the Period 2007-2013: Economic development infrastructure. 

In contributes to the knowledge concentration (linking faculties of natural sciences) and development infrastructure for higher competitiveness of the economy. The project will be implemented within the priority Research and education infrastructure development, as a measure towards strengthening institutions of knowledge in line with the needs of the economy, technological, and other priority development areas in Slovenia. It represents an investment in the public higher education and research infrastructure of national importnace, linked to the needs of the economic and other areas of development.

Investment in new premises of the UL Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology (UL FKKT) and the Faculty of Computer and Information Science (UL FRI) means establishing conditions for encouraging and forming of more innovative and technologically advanced economy as well as opening more high added value employment possibilities. This will strengthen the cooperation between education and reasearch and economy. Joint ventures in developing new technologies, organizations, design, marketing  and other solutions for larger, middle and small enterprises is the best way to more innovations, faster technological development of the economy not only in Slovenia, but in the region.

The UL FKKT and the UL FRI represent institutions within the scope of rapidly developing and widely applicative fields of science. Their activities fall within the efforts towards scientific achievements in highly perspective areas. The analyses on investments in research and development of the business sector show that 80% of funds are directed towards development in natural sciences and technology. This represents a wide platform for cooperation between the University and the national economy. This also represents the basic reason for ranking this investment on the Slovene top development priority list and of high relevance to further development of the entire region and the EU as well.

Besides the national budget funding contribution, more than 70% of the funds for the new contruction of the UL FKKT and the UL FRI, will be the EU ERDF funds.

The University of Ljubljana is proud to have had received the EU grant for the investment, which is one of the largest investment projects of educational-research infrastructure in Europe in the period of 2007-2013.


The project “Novogradnja UL FKKT in UL FRI” was first listed as a priority investments in April 2001, by the  University Governing Board decision.  Altogether there are 42000 m2. Total value of the project is 116.4 million EUR (current price) and is including purchase of land, elaboration of documentation and acquisition of all necessary permits, construction and finishing work, purchase of equipment, supervision, peer review and monitoring the project. The works have already started; the communication platforms for access to the building site – the bridge over the Glinščica stream is completed. The next phase is starting the construction of the buildings. The University of Ljubljana must obtain the EU grant (approx. 85 million EUR).