Since 2004, when the National Commission for Higher Education Quality (NCQHE) adopted its criteria for the monitoring, assessment and assurance of quality, this document represents the main quality standard for Slovenian higher education. All the higher education institutions must carry out self-evaluations according to these criteria. The criteria are also used in carrying out external evaluations of higher education institutions.

The data that is collated every year gives an insight into the individual activities and allows the changes and action taken for improvement to be monitored. The relevant quality indicators have recently been disseminated and supplemented. About 50 indicators are currently being used, both at the central university level and at the level of the members. According to the plan, data used in these indicators will be collected every year.

Since 2000, all the members have been preparing annual self-evaluation reports on the quality of teaching, study, research and professional services. A collated quality report is examined each year by the University of Ljubljana Senate and by other bodies. The preparation of self-evaluation reports involves various groups (teachers, students, administrative and technical staff). The staff and students are provided with information on the quality standards via the quality reports and via the discussion of these reports by the senates of the members and the University of Ljubljana, and at special workshops, training sessions and activities, which are held by the student organisation to foster quality.

The UL Quality Assurance Report for 2011