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The Senate of the University of Ljubljana is the university’s highest professional body.

Prof. Dr. Igor Papič


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University of Ljubljana is the oldest and largest higher education and scientific research institution in Slovenia, founded in 1919. The University is also an international institution that ranks among top 3 percent of the most prominent universities in the world.

Welcome to the University of Ljubljana

Welcome to the University of LjubljanaMission

The University of Ljubljana, founded in 1919, with 23 faculties and 3 arts academies, is the oldest and largest higher education, scientific research and arts institution in Slovenia. The University fosters basic, applied and developmental research. We strive to achieve excellence and the highest quality, and to meet the highest ethical standards in all areas of the arts and sciences.

Welcome to the University of LjubljanaValues

We consolidate an academic community of professors, researchers, students and other associates, and strive for recognition at home and around the world. We base our operation on the values of academic excellence, free creativity, autonomy in relations with the state, political parties, corporations and religious groups, on the values of humanism and human rights and an ethical and responsible attitude to the world.

Welcome to the University of LjubljanaVision

Every day, we pursue the University of Ljubljana’s vision to become an even more recognisable, internationally open and excellent research university that continuously and creatively contributes to the quality of life.

Welcome to the University of LjubljanaBodies of the University of Ljubljana

Bodies of the University of Ljubljana Rector

The Rector heads and represents the university. His advisory bodies are the College of the Rector and College of Deans. The College of the Rector comprises the Rector, Prof. Dr. Igor Papič, Vice-Rector for the Arts Prof. Boštjan Botas Kenda, Vice-Rector for Knowledge Transfer Prof. Dr. Tanja Dmitrović, Vice-Rector for Education Prof. Dr. Barbara Novak, Vice-Rector for Science and Research Prof. Dr. Matjaž Krajnc, president of the Governing Board of the University of Ljubljana Prof. Dr. Borut Božič, Secretary General Mihaela Bauman Podojsteršek and Advisor to the Rector for economic and international affairs Mag. Maja Slovenc. The College of Deans comprises the Rector, Vice- Rectors, Deans and the president of the Student Council of the University of Ljubljana.

Bodies of the University of Ljubljana Governing Board

The Governing Board of the University of Ljubljana is the administrative authority that primarily decides on economic matters and ensures the smooth material operation of the university.

Prof. Dr. Borut Božič

Bodies of the University of Ljubljana Student Council

The Student Council of the University of Ljubljana is the body of university students. It consists of the presidents and vice-presidents of university member institution Student Councils.

Laura Koudela,
Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana

Welcome to the University of LjubljanaOrganisational structure of the University of Ljubljana


Welcome to the University of LjubljanaStructure of employees



University of Ljubljana courses are completed by more than half of all bachelor graduates in Slovenia, more than two thirds of master’s and specialisation degree holders and more than 80 percent of doctors of science.

The University of Ljubljana has a reputation for highquality study programmes in social sciences, the humanities, natural sciences, medicine, technical programmes and the arts, which are designed in line with the Bologna Process guidelines. Within the University of Ljubljana and in cooperation with foreign universities, we provide interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary study programmes in all three cycles. In addition to lectures, tutorials and seminars, we place great emphasis on practical training, inclusion of students in project work, international exchanges, extracurricular activities, career guidance and other student pursuits.


StudyNumber of programmes at all three levels


StudyNumber of students enrolled in 2018


StudyNumber of students enrolled in 2018 by member institution


StudyNumber of students enrolled at all levels of study by year


StudyNumber of graduates in 2018 by cycle


StudyNumber of students enrolled in 2018 by gender



The University of Ljubljana ranks as one of the biggest research institutions in Slovenia. Its research staff and research groups have proved themselves with world-renowned studies and projects in the fields of the arts, science, natural sciences, technology, social sciences and medicine. We share our top

achievements in science and the arts with other universities, science and research institutions and the business sector. By doing so, we contribute to the Slovenian and global treasury of knowledge, and also work to pass this onto students and others.

ResearchNumber of current European projects by year


ResearchNumber of European projects


ResearchNumber of articles published in Web of Science (Wos)


ResearchThe most prominent research achievements in 2018

Biotechnical Faculty of the of the University of Ljubljana
A genetic life cycle switch in Bacillus thuringiensis virus GIL01

Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana
A wheelchair that can handle stairs

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the University of Ljubljana
Charge ordering in a p-electronic system

Faculty of Arts of the University of Ljubljana
Thesaurus of Modern Slovene

Faculty of Education of the University of Ljubljana
Dyslectic students need eyes as well as ears

School of Economics and Business of the University of Ljubljana
Hotel guests do not act in an environmentally friendly way if they have no benefit from doing so

Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering of the University of Ljubljana
Using nuclear magnetic resonance to control the running of anaerobic processes

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana
Annular laser beam head for 3D printing of metal materials

Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ljubljana
Comparison of Clinical Course and Treatment Outcome for Patients With Early Disseminated or Early Localised Lyme Borreliosis



The University of Ljubljana encourages internationalisation. We are coordinating a new association of six European universities, EUTOPIA, which is striving to establish a linked and inclusive academic community throughout the continent. We are connected with the most distinguished universities in Europe, and also encourage our member faculties to connect with specialised higher education institutions. We reinforce international cooperation by playing an active role in international associations, such as the Utrecht Network (UN), the UNICA network of universities, CELSA and The Guild.

In 2014, we founded the University of Ljubljana Global Alumni and Associates Network (SMUL), which unites principally scientists, professors and other prominent figures from the academic, research and development environments abroad. In order for the University of Ljubljana to become the recognised leading university in the wider region, we are focusing on inclusion in international cooperation, including through an increase in the number of research projects and the quantity of funds received through them, and an increase in the number of foreign students and foreign employees.


InternationalisationNumber of foreign students enrolled in 2018


InternationalisationGeographical distribution of foreign students in 2018


InternationalisationNumber of students on exchange at all three levels by year


InternationalisationThe University of Ljubljana in global rankings in 2018


InternationalisationCooperation with universities around the world


Transfer of knowledge

In our research, educational and professional activities we cooperate closely with stakeholders from our external environment with the purpose of ensuring effective transfer of the state-of-the art knowledge and services to the business sector and society at large. We achieve this through research and development and expert work, employing our graduates, promoting entrepreneurship, advisory work and by including experts from the field in education and research, through programmes of lifelong learning, personal enhancement and training.


Transfer of knowledgeImplementation of projects with the commercial sector or other users of knowledge


Extracurricular activities

The University of Ljubljana’s career centres provide a variety of activities to encourage students to be as active as possible while studying, to network with employers, gain additional skills and make sure they are as employable as possible once they graduate. These activities are entirely free of charge and available at all faculties and academies within the University of Ljubljana. The Centre for Extracurricular Activities enables students to develop other areas in addition to their studies. This primarily involves activities in sports, art and culture, volunteering and charity, welfare and social activities, as well as health and environmental protection.


Operating under the common title of Alumni of the University of Ljubljana are all the alumni clubs of faculties and academies of the university. Through various activities they promote mentorship, lifelong learning, linking, cooperation and solidarity. In this they link up with various stakeholders in efforts for the professional development of coming generations, they support knowledge transfer and social responsibility for the sustainable development of Slovenian society.

Financial indicators


Financial indicatorsInvestments by source of funds received


Significant events in 2018

  1. A student from the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering became world champion in virtual steel-making.
  2. Slovenian (Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana), Chinese and Danish scientists concluded a cooperation agreement that will lead to a major breakthrough in the field of genomics. Together they will identify the entire genetic code for the olm (Proteus anguinus), which is 15 times bigger than the human genome.
  3. The Rector of the University of Ljubljana and the Governor of the Bank of Slovenia signed a cooperation agreement as part of the Mala galerija project, which provides exhibition space for student artistic works.
  4. The University of Ljubljana Botanic Garden has joined a group of seven gardens from all over the world that have been the first to receive accreditation from Botanic Garden Conservation International (BGCI).
  5. In the Call for Applications of the European Research Area, ERA Chair, the University of Ljubljana was awarded the COMPETE project to establish a Microprocessing Engineering and Technology Centre.
  6. Students of the University of Ljubljana presented the first electric formula in Slovenia.
  7. Asst. Prof. Dr. Jaka Tušek of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering received funds from the European Research Council (ERC), which is the fifth ERC project received by the University of Ljubljana.
  8. The University of Ljubljana signed an agreement on the creation of a course in Slovenian Language, Literature and Culture at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Rijeka.
  9. Researchers from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, in cooperation with scientific institutions in Canada and Brazil succeeded in tuning in to light reflection. Academies and faculties of the University of Ljubljana
  10. School of Economics and Business, Univesrsity of Ljubljana, was placed on the prestigious Financial Times ranking.
  11. The work that the University of Ljubljana carries out with alumni earned a special achievement award in the Outstanding Dedication to Engagement category at the international Graduway Leaders Summit (GLS) conference in Oxford.
  12. The University of Ljubljana became a full member of Venice International University (VIU).
  13. Dr. Marko Jošt and colleagues from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, created a conversion record tandem solar cell.
  14. The first deaf doctor of science graduated from the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana.
  15. The University of Ljubljana ceremonially signed an agreement on joining the European university association EUTOPIA and assumed its leadership.

Academies and faculties of the University of Ljubljana


  1. Academy of Music
    Stari trg 34, 1000 Ljubljana
  2. Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television
    Trubarjeva cesta 3, 1000 Ljubljana
  3. Academy of Fine Arts and Design
    Erjavčeva cesta 23, 1000 Ljubljana
  4. Biotechnical Faculty
    Jamnikarjeva ulica 101, 1000 Ljubljana
  5. School of Economics and Business Kardeljeva ploščad 17, 1000 Ljubljana
  6. Faculty of Architecture
    Zoisova cesta 12, 1000 Ljubljana
  7. Faculty of Social Sciences
    Kardeljeva ploščad 5, 1000 Ljubljana
  8. Faculty of Electrical Engineering
    Tržaška cesta 25, 1000 Ljubljana
  9. Faculty of Pharmacy
    Aškerčeva cesta 7, 1000 Ljubljana
  10. Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering
    Jamova cesta 2, 1000 Ljubljana
  11. Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology
    Večna pot 113, 1000 Ljubljana
  12. Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
    Jadranska ulica 19, 1000 Ljubljana
  13. Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport
    Pot pomorščakov 4, 6320 Portorož
  14. Faculty of Computer and Information Science
    Večna pot 113, 1000 Ljubljana
  15. Faculty of Social Work
    Topniška ulica 31, 1000 Ljubljana
  16. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
    Aškerčeva cesta 6, 1000 Ljubljana
  17. Faculty of Sport
    Gortanova 22, 1000 Ljubljana
  18. Faculty of Administration
    Gosarjeva ulica 5, 1000 Ljubljana
  19. Faculty of Arts
    Aškerčeva cesta 2, 1000 Ljubljana
  20. Faculty of Medicine
    Vrazov trg 2, 1000 Ljubljana
  21. Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering
    Aškerčeva cesta 12, 1000 Ljubljana
  22. Faculty of Education
    Kardeljeva ploščad 16, 1000 Ljubljana
  23. Faculty of Law
    Poljanski nasip 2, 1000 Ljubljana
  24. Faculty of Theology
    Poljanska cesta 4, 1000 Ljubljana
  25. Veterinary Faculty
    Gerbičeva ulica 60, 1000 Ljubljana
  26. Faculty of Health Sciences
    Zdravstvena pot 5, 1000 Ljubljana