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Special Commendation for Students for Special Achievements and Active Participation in Extracurricular Activities

Special Commendation for Students for Special Achievements and Active Participation in Extracurricular Activities

The award is given to students of the University of Ljubljana for their achievements and participation in extracurricular activities.

Nikola Pajanović has been playing the violin since 2006. As an eight-year-old, he took part in the Euritmia International Competition, winning the gold award and second prize. He participates in numerous competitions and international summer schools, and has received prestigious awards. Notable among these is the Škerjanc Prize, awarded by the Ljubljana Conservatory of Music and Ballet to outstanding students, which he received in 2015.


Natalija Kosmač organises events at the Academy and elsewhere. She has successfully organised two editions of ŠUS (Student Art Fair), thus establishing a traditional event that increases the visibility of students in the wider community. Her initiative and help in organising the spatial arrangement of the Department of Painting, the organisation of the semester exhibition and the international project Transform 2019 far surpass the usual involvement of a student.


Neža Penca’s work intertwines public spaces with visible communication. Using graphic design, she revitalised the city centre of Celje. She conceived, founded and organised the Black Hole festival of creativity. She linked the creative potentials of young people and revived the purpose of the urban environment, while affirming design as a socially responsible discipline. Her achievements have received awards from both the professional public and local community.


With numerous professional awards to their credit, Blaž Skodlar and Andraž Rudi Vrhovšek are considered exceptionally promising designers. Their sustainable lighting system, Hive, was shortlisted at the Mikser international festival and won the “Top Idea” award at the Ambient Fair. They also made a significant contribution to the Papiro-logía research project. In addition to the superlative design of the assignment, they organised the project’s public presentations in an assured manner.


Maj Hrovat, a student of Biotechnology, and Luka Sinček, a student of Microbiology, are a driving force among young entrepreneurs. They are working tirelessly to develop new ideas and design products in the field of innovative and healthy nutrition and environmental protection. They are recipients of numerous prestigious awards and have founded their first company.


Martina Podgoršek has been involved in extracurricular activities since starting her microbiology studies. She co-organised several TEDxUniversityofLjubljana events and acted as student representative in Faculty and University bodies. During her studies, she also participated in various microbiology and biotechnology professional projects. She co-authored several articles and posters.


Žana Juvan, Maša Egart, Ana Berkopec, Anže Zadravec, Tim Jeršič, Andrej Kokalj and Yari Stepanov

Since 2016, the Multimedia Student Team has been actively involved in the promotion of the University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Electrical Engineering by taking part in planning and executing events, recording various faculty events, creating promotional videos, broadcasting events and providing multimedia support.


Lara Jerman is an outstanding student of the interdisciplinary Computer Science and Mathematics master’s programme at the University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. As a researcher, she has made contributions to several scientific publications and co-authored “The Evolutionary History of 2,658 Cancers”, published in the prestigious scientific journal Nature.


Valter Hudovernik is a student of the Computer and Information Science programme, as well as a jiu-jitsu athlete with outstanding achievements at the national and international levels. He won third place at the European Championships in 2019, and claimed the title of national heavyweight champion in 2020. He remains committed to his studies, despite intense training and participating in competitions.


Timotej Hofbauer is the leader of the student team that took first place at the Design/Build/Fly (DBF) aeronautical competition in Tucson, Arizona in April 2019. The team beat participants from prestigious US and international universities. He is also the pilot of the award-winning model aircraft. Together with the team, he authored algorithms for optimising the design of the aircraft.


Žan Filipovič is a tutor, a member of various Faculty committees and the Student Organisation, and the captain of the men’s volleyball team. He was the driving force behind the 2017 PEFijada event. As a member of the Faculty’s Student Council, he co-organised the best teachers awards and helped collect material for the volume titled “Moč pedagoškega dela” (“The Power of Teaching”).


Nina Fricelj achieves excellent academic results and is actively involved in extracurricular activities. She is a member of the Faculty’s Student Council, a tutor, and participates in Faculty and University bodies. She is also an active member of the Student Section of the Society of Special and Rehabilitation Educators and the editorial board of the "Specialna zakladnica" journal.


In 2018, Zala Mehonić led a group of secondary school and university students at the research camp in Lisca. In 2019, she participated in the Creative Path to Knowledge project and the International Summer School. She was actively involved in the national conference for educators “Učitelj učitelju učitelj”, which had 160 participants and was organised entirely by students from the General Elementary Teaching Department, with Zala taking the most active role.


Eva Margon, Petra Polajžer, Patricija Uršič, Domen Perovšek, Nermin Mulalić, Sara Pungaršek, Lea Potokar and Tjaša Roš

Under the aegis of the Ekvator Association, the students carried out the “Kino dom Radeče” project at the Radeče Re-Education Centre. They discussed gender and sexual stereotypes with the Centre’s wards, as well as stereotypes about them as criminal offenders. A short film was created during the project with the aim of involving the Centre’s wards and supporting their destigmatisation.


Katja Grünfeld, Iva Ramuš Cvetkovič and Rok Kljajič

On 24 October 2019, Katja Grünfeld, Iva Ramuš Cvetkovič (competitors) and Rok Kljajič (coach), mentored by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vasilke Sancin, won first place in the world finals of the international Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition, held at NASA headquarters in Washington, DC, in an outstanding performance before the judges of the International Court of Justice. The Faculty thereby became the world champion in international space law.


During his studies at the Faculty of Law, Tim Gaberšek acted as the president of the Faculty’s Student Council, as well as a student representative in the Faculty’s Senate and the Senate of the University of Ljubljana. He performed these duties conscientiously and responsibly, striving to improve the quality of studies and study conditions for students of the Faculty, as well as the entire University.


During his studies at the Faculty of Law, Ajas Midžan participated in the organisation of a number of high-profile events. In addition, he represented the interests of students in various Faculty bodies and committees and the Senate of the University of Ljubljana. As the president of the Faculty’s Student Organisation, he also strove to improve the quality of studies and study conditions.


Breda Košir is not only a successful student of occupational therapy at the University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Health Sciences, but a generous person with many talents. As a volunteer, she helps people with special needs and participates in various events. She has achieved an outstanding success, including at the international level, with her co-dancer in sports paradance, with whom she also contributed to numerous humanitarian events.


Boris Podobnik, Pia Cerkovnik, Janez Šivic, Iza Korpar, Špela Hočevar, Daša Hafner, Tina Jakopič, Katja Strouhal, Veronika Slemenšek, Maja Modic, Antonela Stepančič, Katarina Černač

Compassion and helping others are key virtues of every healthcare worker. Under the auspices of the Society of Medical Students of Slovenia and other organisations, medical students responded to calls for help across Slovenia, focusing on the most vulnerable groups. They carried out thousands of hours of volunteer work in retirement homes and elsewhere, where this number is practically incalculable.


Klemen Petek, Ivana Krajnc, Kevin Pelicon, Tadeja Skok

For more than three months, the government’s coronavirus call centre has provided accurate and verified information to citizens. The Faculty’s students responded in large numbers to the call to work in the centre, and Ivana Krajnc, Kevin Pelicon, Tadeja Skok and Klemen Petek took on additional responsibilities of coordinating students and obtaining reliable and accurate information in cooperation with the Government Communication Office and experts from other government agencies.


Žiga Metelko, Lea Rogelšek, Ajdin Mujkanović, Katja Jeriha, Rebeka Pogačar, Urša Lunder, Sara Marković, Mojca Peterlin, Marjeta Jesenko, Ema Ločniškar, Urša Bartol, Filip Kresnik, Eva Ojsteršek, Rebeka Strehar, Ajda Španring, Teja Zakrajšek, Andreja Mekicar, Iva Ošlaj, Urška Rodi, Sara Makovec, Grega Martin Glas, Tina Bauman, Meta Kralj, Eva Dolenc, Sonja Tonkli, Mark Majcen, Tjaša Mencinger, Urša Serženta, Tjaša Smukavec, Hana Erjavec, Slađana Tanasković, Tjaša Zupin, Klara Zidar, Neja Zgonec, Nika Reven, Miha Podobnik, Ismet Halilović, Nina Fortuna, Urška Tepuš, Martina Arh, Lea Hotujec, Neja Istenič, Tjaša Ulčnik, Eva Mlakar, Katja Poznič, Danijela Ujčič, Mihela Mlinar, Ana Smolič, Ajda Kočar

Students of the University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Health Sciences volunteered at retirement homes, the University Medical Centre Ljubljana, the Ljubljana Institute of Oncology, and numerous local volunteer organisations. With their enthusiasm, youthful energy, freshly acquired knowledge and drive to help the most vulnerable members of society, they exemplify the true spirit of a healthcare worker.