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Special Commendation for Young Higher Education Teachers and Staff

Special Commendation for Young Higher Education Teachers and Staff

The Special Commendation for Young Higher Education Teachers and Staff is awarded for outstanding teaching, research, and creative achievements.

Asst. Prof. Matej Bonin graduated in composition from the University of Ljubljana Academy of Music under the mentorship of Prof. Uroš Rojko, and in music theatre composition from the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz. Among other awards, he has received the Prešeren Prize of the University of Ljubljana. His works have been performed at various festivals at home and abroad. He works at the Academy as a teacher and coordinator of the SWING project.


Dr. Marko Budler researches business models, logistics, purchasing, and supply chains. His research is published in high-ranking international journals. He earns high marks in student surveys. He has organised a number of professional events and participated in various projects. He is very successful in developing connections with the business sector and internationalising teaching and research activities. At the Faculty, he is known as an ambassador of a healthy lifestyle and promoter of sustainability.


Dr. Matevž Bošnak is employed as a researcher and assistant. His research work demonstrates a high degree of ingenuity, dedication and ability to solve complex problems, making him a leading expert in the field of automation, in particular autonomous mobile systems. His contribution to the development of a walking rehabilitation device was ranked by ARRS as one of the six outstanding technological achievements within the Excellent in Science selection.


Dr. Luka Šantelj is a teaching assistant in Physics at the Faculty and a researcher at the Jožef Stefan Institute. His research work is focused on elementary particle physics, and more precisely, on the difference between particles (matter) and antiparticles (antimatter). His work in an international environment and his teaching experience gave him the confidence needed to take on challenging roles in a group of scientists from all over the world. At the same time, he is transferring current knowledge into the teaching process.


Asst. Prof. Dr. Matevž Pesek’s research focuses on music information retrieval. As a member of the Laboratory for Computer Graphics and Multimedia, he participates in a number of interdisciplinary projects. He created the online platform Avtolog, which increases transparency in the unregulated market for used vehicles. He received a student award in recognition of his teaching, and made a major contribution to the promotion of Computer Science among young people by conducting workshops at the Faculty’s summer schools.


Dr. Luka Boc Thaler conducts research in the field of complex dynamics in several variables. He has published several high-profile scientific articles in collaboration with world-renowned researchers in the field of complex analysis. His students know him as a relaxed, approachable and highly professional teaching assistant, who is always willing to help.