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The Golden Plaque

The Golden Plaque

The Golden Plaque is awarded for exceptional contributions to the development of scientific, pedagogical or artistic endeavours, and for strengthening the reputation of the University of Ljubljana.

Dr. Branka Rotar Pance is an Associate Professor of Music Pedagogy and head of the Department of Music Pedagogy. She is involved in the development of specialised didactics for primary, secondary and pre-school music education. She also focuses her research on the professional development of music teachers, the history of Slovenian music pedagogy, and more recently on working with musically gifted students.


Assoc. Prof. Bojan Gorenec is a top Slovenian artist and a long-time Professor of Painting at the Department of Painting. His artistic work, as well as his active participation in the pedagogical development of artistic practices, have significantly influenced the Slovenian cultural space, and he has been spreading his creative influences and incentives among young, upcoming artists.


Prof. Dr. Katarina Čufar is an excellent teacher, exceptionally popular among students, and an internationally distinguished researcher in wood science. Under her leadership, the Chair of Wood Science gained international renown as a well-equipped laboratory, popular with foreign scientists and students. She is committed to the transfer of knowledge into practice. Her outstanding results are published in the most prestigious international publications.


Dr. Nina Gunde Cimerman, a full Professor of Microbiology at the University of Ljubljana’s Biotechnical Faculty, focuses mainly on extremophilic fungi, a field of research in which she is recognised as a global pioneer. Together with her colleagues she discovered the first halophilic fungi in the Sečovlje salt pans. She also studies extremophilic fungi found in Arctic glaciers and household appliances. She is the founder of IC Mycosmo, which boasts the largest gene bank of extremophilic fungi in the world.


Dr. Irena Rogelj is a full Professor in Dairy Science and Nutrition. She has dedicated her teaching, research, and professional work to dairy science and functional food. Her research focuses on the biochemical and microbiological properties of milk and dairy products. Her achievements in teaching, research, and professional work are complemented by her fruitful cooperation with the commercial sector.


Prof. Dr. Tomaž Turk was Vice Dean for Academic Affairs and Head of the Chair for Business Informatics and Logistics. He conducts research in the field of IT adoption from the perspective of organisations and individuals. He has achieved outstanding results in introducing IT and modern teaching methods into the study process. His contributions with regard to developing IT-supported studies and introducing blended learning at the Faculty have led to a significant improvement in the quality of teaching.


Dr. Zlatko Šabič is a full Professor of International Relations. With his research work, editorship of a renowned international book series, numerous visits abroad, and contributions to organising the study of international relations, he has proven himself as a path-breaking representative of the University in Europe and around the world. He has contributed to the good reputation and visibility of the University with his professional, advisory, and teaching activities over many years.


Prof. Dr. Andrej Kos is the Head of the Laboratory for Telecommunications and a respected teacher and mentor. As a visiting professor, he has taught at several prestigious universities abroad. His research focuses on cybernetic infrastructures and applications, including 5G and 6G networks. In addition to participating in EU projects and others organised by the Slovenian Research Agency, he has achieved excellent results in a number of industry projects. He is a member of various Faculty and University commissions and committees, as well as international professional associations.


Prof. Dr. Barbara Drinovec Drnovšek is one of the leading scientists in the field of complex analysis, whose articles have been published in leading mathematical journals. She is an excellent and popular teacher, mentor, and populariser of mathematics. She is highly engaged in leadership roles and professional work, and is distinguished by her many international activities. With her outstanding work, she sets an example to all university teachers and researchers.


Over the last decade, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Danijel Skočaj has made a significant contribution to the development of the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, as well as the University of Ljubljana, through his research, professional, and teaching activities. He is the Head of the Visual Cognitive Systems Laboratory, where his research focuses on computer vision and robotics. His public appearances have been very important in creating an neutral image of artificial intelligence in Slovenia.


The bibliography of Prof. Dr. Alexander Aristovnik comprises more than 800 bibliographic units and over 500 citations. He has led and participated in numerous domestic and international research projects. He is currently leading a programme group and basic research project at the Faculty. He is also an appointed expert of the Court of Audit for public sector economics, and a member of several of the Slovenian Research Agency’s expert bodies.


Prof. Dr. Dušan Šuput has published numerous, often cited works and mentored many doctoral students. He was also a member of the University of Ljubljana Senate and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine. He oversaw the construction of new Faculty premises. He collaborates with many researchers from around the world. He is a member of distinguished international associations and General Secretary of the Association of Medical Schools in Europe (AMSE), thus contributing to the University’s standing at home and abroad.


As a dedicated university teacher, Professor and graphic artist Prof. Mag. Črtomir Frelih has inspired many generations of Slovenian artists with his enthusiasm for graphic arts. He has developed distinct graphic art strategies and technologies that have brought recognition both at home and internationally, thus making a significant contribution to the international standing of the University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Education.


Prof. Dr. Robert Frangež is an outstanding teacher, mentor, scientist, and a member of numerous expert committees at the Faculty and the University. He is distinguished by the breadth of his knowledge, his dedication to work, willingness to connect with others, and unassuming kindness. His lectures have inspired generations of students – or, to use the words on one of these: “Thanks to this Professor, the Faculty is quite simply a nicer place to be.” These qualities also paved the way for his scientific achievements and earned him recognition in the fields of pathophysiology and toxinology.


Prof. Dr. Tjaša Griessler Bulc consistently raises teaching and research work to the academic level by setting new standards of excellence. She is the head of the Faculty’s first ARRS programme group for the project Mechanisms of Protecting Health, obtained in 2014. Last year, the group was ranked 10th among 37 programmes in the field of medicine, according to the H-index. She also mentors numerous students and organises international summer schools.


With their leadership and dedication, Prof. Mag. Ivan Florjanc, Prof. Dr. Jernej Weiss, and Asst. Prof. Simon Dvoršak made an important contribution to the project of publishing a facsimile of the transcription of Beethoven’s 6th Symphony. With the publication, Beethoven’s famous Symphony has become accessible to a broader artistic and scientific public, offering young musicians a tangible connection to the famous composer.


The VOT initiative was established in 2013 in response to the lack of standardisation of evaluation protocols in the field of visual object tracking. New challenges are set every year, and results are showcased at one of the leading computer vision conferences. The group comprises an international team led by the Visual Cognitive Systems Laboratory members Assoc. Prof. Dr. Matej Kristan, Asst. Prof. Dr. Luka Čehovin Zajc, Mag. Alan Lukežič and Prof. Dr. Aleš Leonardis.