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Professors Emeritus

Professors Emeritus

The title of Professor Emeritus is awarded to retired Professors of the University of Ljubljana for their significant contributions to the operation, reputation, and development of the University of Ljubljana.

Prof. Lucijan Bratuš, Academy-trained painter and expert in calligraphy and typography, has dedicated a significant part of his prolific career to the development of the Department of Visual Communication Design and the Academy. On these foundations new generations of educators continue his work. One of the greatest achievements in his teaching career is the Tipo Brda calligraphy and typography workshop, which was established as a small creative colony in Goriška Brda in 1997 and grew into an international project that to this day attracts students and professors from Slovenia and abroad.


Prof. Dr. Janez Prašnikar’s creativity and dedication to research, advisory work and teaching, as well as his constant search for answers to developmental, economic and social challenges, are an important contribution to the development of the Faculty and the Slovenian economy. In 1992, he established the Business Administration international programme and led it for 25 years. In 2017, the Financial Times ranked the programme on its prestigious list of the world’s best Master’s programmes in management. For two decades, he was President of the Programme Committee of the Portorož Business Conference, which is the meeting point of academia, the business sphere and economic policy makers.


Prof. Dr. Bojko Bučar has left a strong mark on the discipline of international relations, which has been developing in Slovenia for six decades. He played a key role in its development both in areas of teaching and research, at home and abroad. He successfully promoted the discipline of international relations, as well as social sciences in general, while holding various leadership roles such as Dean of the Faculty and President of the World International Studies Committee (WISC).


Prof. Dr. Franc Lovrenčak laid the theoretical, methodological, substantive and educational foundations of Slovenian pedogeography and biogeography. For a number of years he was involved in creating Slovene geographical terminology, participated in geographical associations, presented scientific papers at numerous conferences at home and abroad, and collaborated on chapters in pedogeography and biogeography in all major geographical works. He received numerous recognitions and awards for his scientific and teaching work, including the Silver Star – the National Order of Merit of the former Yugoslavia.


Through his various research projects, Prof. Dr. Matej Fischinger has made an important contribution to the global development of seismic engineering. The practical results of this research have significantly contributed to the improvement of design practice. He received several awards from leading foreign and domestic organisations for his research in modelling the seismic response of concrete structures and for developing original pedagogical approaches, as well as a number of student awards for his teaching. He led the Earthquake Engineering research programme for several years.


Prof. Dr. Marko Petkovšek is a renowned expert in the field of discrete and computational mathematics. In addition to his contributions to graph theory and symbolic computation, he has gained international renown for developing algorithms for differential equations and computing sums. He made a significant contribution to the development and reputation of the University of Ljubljana as an editor of renowned journals. He was Chair of the Department of Mathematics, coordinator of the joint programme in mathematics at the universities of Ljubljana and Trieste, and one of the founders of the Interdisciplinary Computer Science and Mathematics programme.


Prof. Dr. Bojan Orel worked at the University of Ljubljana for almost his entire career. He conducted research and taught in the field of numerical mathematics, collaborated extensively in international projects and organised several international seminars and summer schools. He was also actively involved in the Faculty’s operation as Chair of the department, headed several Senate committees and the Governing Board, and was elected Dean before retiring. He reorganised the Faculty through a more efficient setup of the departments and established a service for international activities.


Prof. Dr. Janez Možina has dedicated his academic career to developing new knowledge in the field of laser–matter interaction, the application of lasers and the systematic introduction of this knowledge into study programmes. His work as a mentor is outstanding and includes supervising and co-supervising 33 doctoral theses. He was elected a full member of the Slovenian Academy of Engineering for exceptional merits in his discipline, while the Academy of Mechanical Engineering presented him with a Lifetime Achievement Award.


Prof. Dr. Dominik Gašperšič worked at the Department of Dental Diseases and Normal Dental Morphology at the University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Medicine. He also served as Chair of the Department. He has published numerous research articles, mainly in the field of morphology, and has been a member of various professional associations. His textbooks and atlases are invaluable for dental medicine students, and have significantly contributed to the reputation of the University of Ljubljana and the development of Slovene scientific terminology. He received the Lavrič Award for his outstanding and dedicated work in teaching.


Prof. Dr. Vitomir Vrbič worked at the Department of Dental Diseases and Normal Dental Morphology at the University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Medicine. He served as Chair of the Department, the Faculty’s Vice Dean, and was an active member of Slovenian medical organisations and international associations. He has published more than 200 articles, chapters and monographs, mainly in the field of dental caries. He has received awards at home and abroad, including the Order of Merit for Distinguished Service in prevention and research in Slovenian dentistry.


After studying theology in Rome, Prof. Dr. Bogdan Kolar studied history and English at the University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Arts. After obtaining his doctorate, he became a lecturer and member of the Department of Church History and Patristics at the University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Theology, where he held various leadership roles and was a member of state examination and scientific committees. His primary focus of research was the history of Christianity in Slovenia and Central Europe, on which he published more than 350 articles in domestic and foreign publications and monographs.


Prof. Dr. Bojan Zorko has dedicated his teaching, professional and research career to veterinary radiology, orthopaedics and neurosurgery. He has taught several undergraduate and postgraduate courses and was Vice Dean for clinical practice. He was also the Director of the International Veterinary Radiology Association for Central and Eastern Europe, and Slovenian representative to the Federation of European Companion Animal Veterinary Associations. In 2017, the World Small Animal Veterinary Association awarded him a prestigious award for his outstanding contribution to the development of veterinary medicine in Slovenia.