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Special Commendation for Students for Special Achievements and Active Participation in Extracurricular Activities

Special Commendation for Students for Special Achievements and Active Participation in Extracurricular Activities

The award is given to students of the University of Ljubljana for their achievements and participation in extracurricular activities.

Under the mentorship of Prof. Vasilij Meljnikov, Zala Eva Kocijančič has recently distinguished herself with several outstanding achievements. Among other things, she performed the demanding work of Ernest Chausson in a superlative ensemble with the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra and conductor Slaven Kulenović, demonstrating depth, mastery and virtuosity. In addition to her solo work and achievements as a violinist, she was actively involved and performed as a member of the Piano Trio under the mentorship of Assoc. Prof. Miha Haas.


As part of the chamber music class at the University of Ljubljana’s Academy of Music, led by Prof. Boštjan Lipovšek, students in the horn class founded a chamber ensemble of four horn players, called FourCor, in the 2019/2020 academic year. Sebastijan Buda, Blaž Ogrič, Petar Kšenek and Gašper Okorn performed and recorded Robert Schumann’s Concert Piece in F Major for Four Horns and Orchestra, Op. 86, together with the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra, which turned out to be an outstanding musical achievement.


Ana Valenko is an exceptionally focused and active second-cycle student of Graphic Design. In addition to her excellent academic record, she participates in extracurricular projects with great success. She regularly receives professional awards at home and abroad. She is distinguished by her in-depth analytical approach to work, paying attention to every step of the design process, and her generosity in group project work.


Tino Duralija, Deja Kofol and Jon Schwarzmann demonstrate an exceptional commitment and a spirit of research which enable them to take initiative and far exceed the scope of any study project. A prime example of this is their project entitled ‘Engagencing’: The Design of Self-Governance. In this project, the team explored the role of design in relation to democracy and new models of participatory design. The international jury of the London Design Biennale has included the project in the Design in an Age of Crisis exhibition.


Jure Mravlje became involved in extracurricular activities when he began his studies. As a member and later president of the Faculty’s Student Council, and as secretary of the University of Ljubljana’s Student Council, he contributed to the successful realisation of several domestic and international projects and events. He was a student representative in Faculty and University bodies. He remains active as a doctoral student.


Živa Kandorfer, Anže Hribšek, Naja Lovka and Luka Naumovski received the special Sonderpreis award at the international student architecture competition Pro:Holz. In a demanding international competition of technical universities and architectural faculties from Central and Western Europe, the team proved themselves with an exceptionally fresh, almost visionary approach, impressing the jury with their courage, optimism and desire to transcend established procedures and boundaries.


Meta Štuhec, Ema Žagar and Gregor Kokal Golčer won 1st place at the European Ethics Bowl, which addressed ethical dilemmas in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. In their interaction with the opposing teams and by producing a creative video, the team demonstrated a broad ability to critically discuss, defend views, and solve problems outside the established framework with sensitivity to social issues.


The group Rezistenca brings together current and former students of the University of Ljubljana. The group has provided a mirror to the academic community and made visible what has long been ignored – the fact that even this community is not immune to the mechanisms of a sexist and patriarchal culture that tolerates the abuse of power. The group has shown that a culture of violence should not and cannot be acceptable, in this way acting as the voice of social conscience at a crucial moment.


During the pandemic, students of the University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Pharmacy who are active within the Society of Pharmacy Students of Slovenia and the Students’ Section of the Slovenian Pharmaceutical Society organised themselves and launched the FARMAKROG project. As part of the project, they volunteered assistance to healthcare institutions, humanitarian organisations and civil protection services.


Gregor Robert Krmelj is a master’s student who during the pandemic helped set up a remote learning server using Big Blue Button technology, developed his own solution for server control, and made it available to users as open-source software. He also participated in setting up the infrastructure for the first national survey on the prevalence of COVID-19 in Slovenia.


The DragonSec group was formed by students of the University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Computer and Information Science who are interested in computer security. The group participates in international Capture the Flag cyber security competitions, where they achieve high rankings and have already notched up several victories. They are the only large team of its kind in Slovenia.

The members of the group are: Janže Avsec, Benjamin Benčina, Luka Dragar, Matej Fajdiga, Anže Jenšterle, Peter Kavčič, Lucija Koprivc, Gregor Robert Krmelj, Urban Novak, Miha Mitič, Aleksander Mundjar, Eva Gaberšček, Aleksander Gomilšek, Andraž Strgar, Urban Suhadolnik, Aljaž Škof, Andrej Urankar, and Tadej Vengust.


For five years now, Anka Uršič has served as a student representative in a number of Faculty bodies and working groups. She started as vice-president of the Faculty’s Student Council before becoming its president. She was also the vice-president of the University of Ljubljana’ Student Council. She made an important contribution to a number of Faculty projects which were key to ensuring the quality of studies, the functioning of the Faculty and the strengthening of its reputation.


Alja Horvat is a student of Graphic and Media Technology. In 2020, Forbes magazine ranked her in the “30 under 30” list in the “Creating and designing the future of fashion and the arts” category. She won the ranking in the list of the world’s most influential young artists with her illustrations. She works with companies such as Renault, Urban Outfitters, Fila, Vichy and many others.


When the pandemic started, geology students responded to the distress felt by their peers by organising online meetings and tutoring younger students. Such actions should not be ignored in a world of competitiveness and individualism, therefore the president of the Association of Geology Students, Mateja Macut, receives an award for special achievements – an award recognising the efforts of all students who came to the aid of their colleagues.


Nikolaja Bukovšek is an active member of the Faculty’s Student Council. She is actively involved in the tutoring system and participates in many projects both at the Faculty and beyond. She is a member and head of one of the committees of the Association of Student Clubs of Slovenia (ŠKIS) and a member of the Council of the Slovenian Government’s Working Group for Student Issues. She is also active in her field of expertise, where she volunteers in various areas.


Katarina Novak is a student representative in the Faculty’s Tutoring Committee. She is also the coordinator of the tutoring system and has introduced many changes to it. She is a member of the Faculty’s Student Council, the Academic Assembly and the Faculty’s Senate. She is regularly involved in organising events such as Bruc dan (Freshman Day), Informativa, and the Career Fair, as well as in the Student Policy project.


For the second time in a row, Ana Kogovšek, Anita Lubej, Zala Mehonić, Karin Močnik, Neža Rudolf, Kaja Slokar, Špela Vegelj, and Andraž Zaplotnik organised the national conference for educators “Učitelj učitelju učitelj”. The conference is well-known within its field and is attended by more than two hundred teachers. The group organised both conferences completely on its own, dedicating more than a hundred hours of volunteer work to this purpose.


Andrej Fatur is a fourth-year student of the first-cycle study programme in Law who has contributed to raising the quality of studies and improving study conditions for students of the Faculty of Law, as well as the entire University of Ljubljana. As part of his many roles in various Faculty and University bodies, he participated in important decisions regarding the improvement of study conditions, thus demonstrating his tireless involvement in extracurricular activities.


Žiga Hrovat is a fourth-year student of the first-cycle study programme in Law who has contributed to raising the quality of studies and improving study conditions for students of the Faculty of Law, as well as the entire University of Ljubljana. He has performed many duties in Faculty and University bodies and was also a member of the working group of the Ministry of Health. His work demonstrates commitment, selflessness and exceptional involvement in extracurricular activities.