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The Pro Universitate Labacensi Plaque

The Pro Universitate Labacensi Plaque

The Pro Universitate Labacensi Plaque is awarded to individuals and organisations whose funding or work has made an important contribution to the development of the University of Ljubljana’s material resources or the training of its staff.

Anton Jurca works as a music producer at national broadcaster Radio and Television Slovenia (RTV Slovenija), where he has received several awards for his work. Due to his knowledge of the teaching process, music recording technology and architecture, he is actively involved in the renovation of the Kazina palace, which will house the University of Ljubljana’s Academy of Music. He is providing advice on audio equipment, the construction of a connection for the broadcast vehicle, classroom equipment, recording equipment and sound equipment.


Over the decade that the tipoRenesansa Studio has been in operation, Marko Drpić, the head of the studio, has generously shared his knowledge of calligraphy and typography and printing skills with students of the University of Ljubljana, in particular those of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design and the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering. He has made an important contribution to training students in analogue printing technologies and to education in typography.


The Slovenian Chamber of Pharmacy brings together professionals working in pharmacy services, and includes all public and hospital pharmacies in Slovenia. The Chamber receives the award for the excellent, long-standing and professional cooperation between the representatives of pharmacy services and the University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Pharmacy in the fields of teaching, research and expertise.