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Awards for the Associates

Awards for the Associates

Presentation of the University of Ljubljana Professional Staff Awards

Alenka Burger, Secretary of the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, has applied her broad-minded, well-informed and continuously updated knowledge of new developments in the field covered by her work in providing the best professional support to staff and students. She resolves each issue comprehensively, gently assisting and devoting herself to each and everyone, while maintaining objectivity and a focus on the solution.


Nina Gršič performs her job in the HR department with outstanding professionalism. With her excellent knowledge of the field, refined sensitivity to people, incisive advice and deeply considered thinking, she is an indispensable colleague to all staff. She has demonstrated her loyalty to the Academy through her unstinting scope of work demanded by the introduction of the APIS system.


Through her professional approach, familiarity with project requirements and enthusiastic work, Mateja Vidrajz constructively coordinates numerous projects at the University of Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts and Design. She is a vital member of all project groups in which she is involved.


Darko Klobučar has been employed at the Biotechnical Faculty since 1996. As Secretary of the member faculty since 2008 he has performed his tasks professionally, reliably and efficiently, and he works together with the management in the administration of the faculty. He was involved in the introduction of new business information systems. He is distinguished by his loyalty to the faculty, practicality and life-affirming approaches in solving work challenges and a sensitivity towards colleagues and students.


Urška Kovačič, head of the Academic and Student Affairs Office at the Department of Wood Science and Technology of the University of Ljubljana’s Biotechnical Faculty, has demonstrated a job performance that goes far beyond the normal limits and requirements of the position. Her activities notably enhance the educational, scientific and professional standing of the University of Ljubljana and the Biotechnical Faculty both at home and abroad.


Greta Sorta successfully performs demanding work with students at the Department of Agronomy, coordinating practical training and at the same time helping in the administration of the Biotechnical Faculty’s Horticulture Centre. Through responsible and unstinting work and frequently an even maternal approach to students, she makes an important contribution to ensuring the smooth operation of the faculty and optimal conditions for colleagues and students.


For 25 years now Mateja Vidmar has efficiently cared for the smooth flow of teaching and research work at the Chair of Biochemistry and Food Chemistry of the Department of Food Science. She is a reliable, creative and hard-working member, who through her professionalism and commitment makes a significant contribution to the reputation of the University of Ljubljana.


Tanja Osredkar takes care of special study programmes. The name itself indicates that she deals with special, demanding, professional employed students, who want in addition to the actual study process to experience something more. And it is that ‘more’ that brings them into contact with her. Her work consistently shows exceptional commitment, professionalism, precision, independence and reliability.


As a staff member of the IT Office at the University of Ljubljana School of Economics and Business, over his years of work Danilo Pavšič has set some high standards. His positive attitude has earned him appreciation both among professional staff and educators. With his dedication, care and friendliness he is an invaluable part of the team. His personality and work may serve all of us as an example and inspiration.


Petra Vranješ has been employed at the University of Ljubljana School of Economics and Business since 2005 in the Doctoral Studies Unit, where she coordinates all processes – from elective procedures for students to the actual studies. In her long career she has been involved in the drafting of numerous documents and rules for doctoral studies, and she actively monitors all institutional and legislative changes in the field.


Through its willingness to work outside the regular framework, its positive orientation and perseverance the APIS team has overcome obstacles and shown that values such as perseverance, mutual help, trust and cohesion are what separate the group from the team. The team is indeed much more, since it represents a place of additional encouragement for releasing the creative potential of all members, and in this way enables the attainment of high-set goals.


Tatjana Lušina arrived at the then Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science back in 1985, and has remained at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering for nearly 40 years. She performs her work with exceptional precision, dedication and warmth. Through her modesty, positive orientation and motherly warmth she offers to students, educators and other staff the sense of a safe refuge where they will always find understanding and support.


The University of Ljubljana Faculty of Mathematics and Physics applied an active and positive approach to implementing the APIS - SAP business information system. Loyalty to the organisation, conscientiousness, commitment and perseverance in the work of the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Mathematics and Physics are seen as the outstanding competences of the professional associates who together with the management believed in the success of the project, and participated successfully in the implementation of SAP in everyday operations.


Alenka Bone, Klavdija Kitek, Nives Macerl, Mateja Malešič, Anita Strmole and Urška Žnidarič, staff members in the professional departments of the Faculty of Computer and Information Science of the University of Ljubljana, dealt with numerous challenges and ensured stable operations during their participation in introducing the SAP system at the faculty. Their unstinting work improved the user experience and enabled the success of the project, despite a difficult period in terms of HR.


Davorin Šinkovec has served for many years in the financial and accounts department of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, and is tasked with the punctual and accurate payment of wages to staff, who regardless of external circumstances or state of health were always paid on time over the years. Through a positive, proactive and personal approach and self-sacrifice he has ensured that the challenges of the period of coronavirus and the transition to SAP did not impact his colleagues or the operation of the faculty.


As a member of staff in the computer centre, Grega Tomažin works daily to ensure the smooth operation of the network infrastructure. During the pandemic, he applied his knowledge and willingness in playing a key role in setting up work from home. He was actively involved in the redesign of the faculty website and in setting up APIS, and he provides guidance on the procurement of computer equipment. He is distinguished by his modesty, diligence and self-initiative.


Professional staff members faced an overwhelming workload due to the transition to the new business information system. These staff members devoted a large part of their work days to studying and preparing data for the transition to the new system, and outside working hours they performed regular work tasks. Work was also often done on the weekend, late in the evening. Due to their exceptional expertise, professionalism, work mentality and loyalty, they took on each additional obligation with a degree of understanding.


Darinka-Ika Bartol has been employed at the Scientific Research Institute of the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Arts since 1987, and has served since 2019 as head of the professional services. With her enthusiasm, commitment, self-initiative and excellent knowledge of the field, she represents one of the key pillars of operation for the professional services. Her work is distinguished by reliability, conscientiousness and attention to detail.


From the outset Anja Golec has been a driving force in the International Office of the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Arts, which she now heads. In her 23 years of service she has shown herself to be an exceptionally painstaking, conscientious, friendly and agile staff member, providing updated guidance and information for all the heads of department and staff at the faculty regarding calls for applications and projects related to mobility, summer schools and other exchanges. She always displays great optimism and dedication in helping to provide answers to unresolved issues and in dealing with conundrums that arise in exchanges.


In her almost 30 years of work, Dr. Mojca Nidorfer has shown dedication and great personal commitment in making a vital contribution to the preservation, expansion and development of language departments and the study of Slovenian at universities abroad. As head of the programme Slovenian at Foreign Universities, she guides 31 teachers who teach Slovenian abroad, and cooperates with around 70 teachers and heads of Slovenian studies at more than 60 universities around the world.


Liljana Bregar has been an employee of the University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Medicine since 1992. She is head of the technical and maintenance department. In her work she displays dedication, diligence and professionalism. She demonstrated her worth in particular during the construction of new faculty buildings and in relation to the Vrazov trg and Zaloška campuses. Her knowledge and bringing together of all those involved turned out to be invaluable.


Ines Langerholc is a member of the Finance and Accounts staff. She is friendly, respectful, hard-working and communicative. She is an important member of the team, to which she brings not just goodwill and motivation to work, but also new knowledge and awareness. She is a colleague who can always be depended on. She continually surprises with her independence, speed, quality and above all her novel solutions. She is unselfish in providing help for her colleagues. We are proud of her and happy to have her.


Barbara Lavrinc performs her work in the Student Office to a high standard, with attention to detail and friendliness. She painstakingly advises students and always seeks the best solutions. We should note the period when in tragic circumstances she ended up on her own in the Student Office, and despite the challenging conditions she managed all the tasks. She weathered that emotionally difficult period with fortitude and ensured that the students were not impacted by it.


As a technician at the Department of Information and Graphic Technology, Ana Mendizza covers the field of print, packaging and graphic finishing, and she is also very actively involved in promoting the faculty and university. She performs her work conscientiously, to a very high standard, with self-initiative and innovation, and is always willing to do a lot more. She is an indispensable part of the team and we are proud that she is our colleague.


Tina Premelč works in the Promotion Office. She shows self-initiative and is always motivated to do more. She shows exceptional enthusiasm for work. She promotes new, innovative activities, for she is always looking for new methods of presenting the faculty. She takes care of the social networks, assists in holding workshops and courses for students and employees, attends presentational fairs and visits primary and secondary schools. Through promotional activities, which under her leadership have seriously flourished, she has contributed to raising the reputation of the faculty and its profile.


Barbara Mlakar joined the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Education in 2009, first as a member of the HR Office staff, and then as its head. She is professional, independent, conscientious, reliable, empathic and very hard-working. This university award is going to the right person, and is a mark of gratitude to Barbara Mlakar for her years of hard work and loyalty to the Faculty of Education.


Our colleague Jasmina Balant has taken on the tasks related to the financing of young researchers with responsibility and attention to detail. New processes increased the scope of work and also questions from member faculties, which needed to be answered quickly and with expert substantiation. Jasmina Balant took on the new tasks calmly, with maturity and professionalism, and her experience of familiarity with the legal foundations has been invaluable.


With the assistance of colleague Tamara Boh the university was able to set up psycho-social help for students, the Office of the Student Ombudsman, and we are devoting special attention to care for students with special status, in guiding them to appropriate professions both during enrolment and also later on. Tamara Boh is distinguished by her warm character, her sensitivity to vulnerable groups, accessibility and dedication to work. She is actively involved in the ULTRA project in the area of lifelong learning.


Maša Hiti performs her work with a high degree of professional knowledge, and most often her hours at work go beyond her formally required time. She has made a very important contribution to the APIS project, in setting up proper and standardised solutions for calculating wages at member faculties and at the university level. She has also made an important contribution to establishing the internal system of ensuring the protection of dignity and prevention of violence in the academic environment. Her countless qualities make Maša Hiti stand out from the crowd.


Our colleague Urša Jerše took over the knowledge transfer office in 2018. Her leadership saw a growth in the number of patent applications, licence agreements, spin-off companies and innovations. The innovation fund was established to provide funding for concept proposals in the area of innovations. Urša Jerše also boosted the prominence of the University of Ljubljana through promotional activities such as the festival UNI.MINDS, which the ministry even proposed as a general trademark for such events on the national level.


Since taking over as the head of the higher education application information office, which represents the first point of contact with the university, Danijela Kotnik has improved access to information for candidates. She has been closely involved in setting up the new module of the single information system managed by the ministry, and contributed to testing functionality, the elimination of errors and improvement of systems. She set up regular meetings of professional services in student offices and in this way ensured the flow of information and exchange of good practices.


Staff member Mirela Šućur has contributed to the prominence of the artistic field both within and beyond the university. Numerous exhibitions were staged under her leadership, featuring students pursuing various artistic study programmes. She is a conscientious, painstaking and dependable colleague. She has made an important contribution to the publication of the e-periodical Kulturnica, which functions within the university to present events and activities in the arts and culture.


Lucija Završnik Čučkin can be credited with the development and shaping of outstanding professional support in the area of national funding of research. She has made an especially important contribution in implementation of the Scientific Research and Innovation Activities Act. She offers support to researchers and professional staff at member faculties concerning all issues relating to programme groups, projects, international links, procurement of research equipment and other forms of activities funded by ARRS.


By assuming duties in the area of public relations, Jerneja Antlej has contributed enormously to the prominence of the faculty. She has played an important part in overhauling the faculty website. More recently she has been indispensable in the promotion of the faculty’s redesigned study programmes. Through her personality, openness and committed professional work she is helping to ensure that work flows smoothly at the Maribor Unit in the educational, research and professional aspects.


Through her work, her years of experience and familiarity with the professional field, Mateja Norčič contributes to the satisfaction of library users, be they students or other visitors. Furthermore she provides important support for teachers and researchers in her field of work. Together with her colleagues she applies herself to keeping up with new developments, professional standards and legislation in the field of library work.


Through his long years of service in the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Theology Student Office assisting 1st and 2nd-cycle students, from year to year Miha Pate has affirmed his commitment to working with students, and through his professional knowledge and experience as head of the department for enrolment and student affairs he has performed an important task both in collaboration with students and with faculty colleagues. The excellence of his work and attitude towards students can be seen in the praise offered to him by the students.

In her more than 30 years of dedicated work in the library, Marjetka Tuš provides indispensable support to all the library’s visitors, not just students from the University of Ljubljana but also those from the University of Maribor. Through her professional work she contributes enormously to the well-presented library material. She is distinguished by professional and efficient work, and she places above all else the wishes and needs of visitors and colleagues at the faculty.