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Professor Emeritus

Professor Emeritus

30 November 2023 - Appointment ceremony for new Professors Emeriti


In addition to his exceptionally important contribution to Slovenian painting, during his period of service at the University of Ljubljana Professor Bojan Gorenec made a recognised contribution to the functioning, reputation and development of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design and the University of Ljubljana. He worked in all the main administrative functions at the Academy, serving as Dean, Vice Dean and head of the painting department, and he was also involved in key reforms of study programmes and in the introduction of the third-cycle doctoral programme in art.


Prof. Dr. Katarina Čufar is a high-profile teacher and scientist who has made a major contribution to the development of wood science and dendrochronology. With over 120 top-class published articles and more than 6,000 citations, she is one of the most prominent researchers. She has been awarded multiple prizes, including the Zois Award and Jesenko Prize. She works at the International Academy of Wood Science and in a number of international associations. Her educational work and her leadership and administration have contributed enormously to the reputation of the Biotechnical Faculty and the University of Ljubljana.


Dr. Lučka Kajfež Bogataj, full professor of agrometeorology at the Biotechnical Faculty, has for more than 40 years been a dedicated educator and researcher in the fields of applied meteorology, biometeorology and climatology, and is one of the pioneers of climate change research in Slovenia. She has won numerous awards, and together with members of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and Al Gore was a recipient of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. She has enjoyed especially outstanding achievements in the area of popularising science and raising awareness about environmental issues.


Through her research, educational and professional work Prof. Dr. Irena Rogelj has left an indelible mark on the field of dairy science, nutrition and probiotics. More than 40 years ago she recognised probiotics as an extremely promising field, and she built upon this the importance of developing microbiota in the earliest phase of life. She is distinguished by a rich body of scientific research, many years of cooperation with the business sector and membership in multiple committees, for which she has received numerous prizes and awards, including for her lifetime achievement.


Prof. Dr. Dušan Mramor is the founder of modern business finance in Slovenia. For three terms in office he served as Dean of the University of Ljubljana School of Economics and Business. During that time he was also president of the Governing Board of the University of Ljubljana. He has had his research published in leading journals, including those ranked on the Financial Times Top 50 list. For two mandate periods he served as Minister of Finance in the Slovenian Government. With his energy, clear thinking, perseverance and strong will he contributed vitally to the academic and educational development both of the faculty and Slovenia. He inspired us and will serve as a role model in the future.


Prof. Dr. Maks Tajnikar is a full professor of economics and entrepreneurship. He was Minister of Small Business and Minister of the Economy (1992-1996) in the Slovenian Government. In the period from 2001 to 2007 he was Dean of the then Economics Faculty of the University of Ljubljana. He has published more than 640 scientific and professional articles in various Slovenian and international periodicals, along with textbooks dealing with microeconomics, macroeconomics, healthcare economics, administrative economics, managing growing businesses, entrepreneurship and post-Keynesian economic theory. On YouTube he has posted entire video lectures on macroeconomics, microeconomics and healthcare economics. He is an author and originator of a large number of new subjects and study programmes.


Through her educational and research work, Prof. Dr. Maja Bučar has made an outstanding contribution to the development and study of development studies and of research and development and innovation policies. She linked dedicated teaching and academic research to applied projects, policymakers, the business sector and the general public. In numerous roles, both as mentor and manager at the University of Ljubljana, she actively boosted the reputation, high-quality interdisciplinary cooperation and international involvement of the University of Ljubljana.


Dr. Janvit Golob is an exceptional personality whose work has significantly marked the field of chemical engineering in Slovenia. His rich career, which includes the role of professor, mentor, researcher and national councillor, has contributed to the education of new generations and the strengthening of the link between the academic sphere and the business sector. His passion for science and dedication to sustainable development rank him among the most prominent experts in the field.


Matjaž Omladič is one of the most influential Slovenian mathematicians. He created research groups in multiple fields of mathematical research, he saw to the education of young researchers and transferred his knowledge to students of numerous generations. He was mentor for 31 doctoral dissertations. He also performed important management work at the University of Ljubljana and at the Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Mechanics, along with expert work for the wider community. His services included being Vice Rector for Research at the University of Ljubljana 2001-2005, and director of the Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Mechanics in Ljubljana 2006-2011.


Prof. Dr. Janez Seliger is one of the key experimental physicists dealing with nuclear magnetic resonance in Slovenia. Through his research of ferroelectrics, liquid crystals, incommensurable structures, electric dipole glass and phase transitions he gained extraordinary prominence both nationally and on the international scale. He set up or redesigned numerous courses pursued by students of physics. Through his knowledge and inspiration he became one of the legendary professors at the Department of Physics.


The research conducted by Prof. Dr. Jezernik concerns a broad field where we should note the importance and international recognition of his research on the Balkans, especially in connection with the issue of the perception and construction of the Other. Under the criteria of research success of the Slovenian Research Agency, he is the most prominent Slovenian ethnologist and is regarded as a leading Slovenian expert on the Balkans in the international academic community. He has received numerous prizes for his work, and he regularly spreads his knowledge among a wide circle of interested people, while contributing to a better understanding of humanist and sociological knowledge in Slovenian society.


Prof. Dr. Novak has been a lecturer in the Department of Comparative Literature and Literary Theory of the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Arts since 1997. His principal fields of research are comparative versology, medieval, Renaissance and Baroque literature, symbolism and literary translation. He is the leading academic authority on comparative versology in Slovenia and further afield. His excellence as a researcher has consistently been interwoven and merged with his teaching work. His educational excellence can be seen in his distinct sensitivity to the free artistic expression of generations of students of comparative literature and literary theory.

Prof. Dr. Marijan Pavčnik of the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Law, who is a full SASA member, has left a deep and lasting mark on the Slovenian legal landscape. As an internationally renowned author boasting a bibliography of more than 720 units, he is often quoted in judicial and constitutional case law. He was the founding editor of the collection Pravna obzorja (Legal Horizons), which within Slovenia presented more than 50 original domestic works and translations, and the collection Scientia iustitia, intended for the publication of first pieces by young Slovenian legal scientists. Prof. Pavčnik is and remains the model of a superlative expert and dedicated educator, who enjoys in Slovenian professional circles an undisputed reputation.



Dr. Christian Gostečnik is an outstanding scientist and expert in the field of marital and family therapy. He was a lecturer and Dean at the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Theology. He has had more than 1,100 biographical notes published, of which 25 are scientific monographs and 50 are scientific articles. He developed the innovative psychobiological model Relational Family Therapy, for which he received an award at the 5th Innovation Forum. He has been committed to the expansion of therapeutic knowledge and succeeded in establishing at the Faculty of Theology the possibility of the vertical pursuit of the full range of education as a family therapist.