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The Golden Plaque

The Golden Plaque

The Dean of the Academy of Music of the University of Ljubljana, Prof. Marko Vatovec, has earned exceptional merit in the construction and adaptation of the new Academy building. Through his attentiveness he worked to ensure outstanding organisation, concern for and implementation of the project, and he also intensively followed the progress of the finishing and interior construction works with great professionalism. He can be credited for the end result of the completed works, seen in the acquisition of a fine, prestigious and functional new building.



Prof. Matej Zupan has earned exceptional merit for his part in obtaining the building permit for renovation of the Kazina palace at Kongresni trg 1, which now houses the new premises of the Academy of Music of the University of Ljubljana. Through his attentiveness he worked to ensure outstanding organisation, concern for and implementation of the project, and he intensively followed the progress of the finishing and interior construction works with great professionalism. He can be credited for the end result of the completed works, seen in the acquisition of a fine, prestigious and functional new Academy of Music building.



Through her committed and dedicated professional, organisational and educational work in recent years Assoc. Prof. Dr. Barbara Predan has succeeded in developing and embedding research activity at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design of the University of Ljubljana as one of the vital elements of work at the Academy. In the educational area she is particularly noted for the achievements of her students, who have won the highest prizes and acclaim in major international competitions.


Prof. Simon Horvat gained his PhD at the University of California, then for eight years he conducted research at the Roslin Institute and the University of Edinburgh. He brought his wealth of knowledge and experience to the Biotechnical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana, where he conducts research in the fields of genetics, animal biotechnology and molecular biology. He has received numerous awards for his scientific achievements, including the Zois Prize in 2013.


Full professor of microbiology Dr. Mandić has recorded outstanding results in the scientific, educational and professional spheres, especially in the research of microbial communication. She is the Vice Dean of the new Department of Microbiology at the Biotechnical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana, and takes much of the credit for its establishment. As a teacher and mentor she has shared her wealth of research experience with many generations of students at home and abroad.


Senior Research Fellow Dr. Anita Solar devotes her expert and research work at the Biotechnical Faculty to nuts. She has created five Slovenian varieties of walnut and has developed the brands Slovenian Walnut and Slovenian Hazelnut. She transfers her knowledge to nut producers, as can be seen in the establishment of 543 hectares of walnut plantations and 197 hectares of hazel trees. She is successfully involved in educational work through her series of lectures and practical classes.



Dr. Polona Domadenik Muren, full professor of economics at the School of Economics and Business of the University of Ljubljana, has endeavoured throughout her career to link the business sector to the research and educational sphere. She heads up the postgraduate programme International Master in Business and Organisation, which has been ranked on the Financial Times scale, a ranking that includes the best master’s programmes on the global level.


Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Kanjuo Mrčela lectures at the Faculty of Social Sciences in the Sociology of Work, Economic Sociology, the Theory of Society and Gender, Labour and Organisation, and she is invited as a guest lecturer to numerous universities abroad. Her research work focuses on modern economies, precarization, gender equality, balancing work and private life and economic democracy. She collaborates with professional associations and networks and is the editor of Slovenian and international professional and scholarly journals.


Matjaž Dolšek is a full professor at the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering of the University of Ljubljana, an outstanding researcher with an h-index of 25 and a recipient of the Zois Prize for important scientific achievements, head of the research group Earthquake Engineering, Vice Dean and member of the Research and Development Committee of the University of Ljubljana. For more than 15 years he has been involved in projects for ensuring nuclear safety in Slovenia and further afield. He made an important contribution to extending the operational life of the Krško Nuclear Power Plant up to 2043.


Prof. Dr. Miha Ravnik is one of the most ground-breaking and internationally recognised staff members at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the University of Ljubljana. He has co-authored around 100 articles in the field of soft condensed matter physics, of which many have appeared in the most prestigious journals. At the same time he is a very popular lecturer and dedicated mentor. He also contributes much to the development of the Faculty and the University as a member of management bodies.


Prof. Dr. Ivan Čuk has devoted his life to physical training. He researches the subject from the natural science, sociological and humanist aspects. His work in the field of the terminology and history of physical training forms an important part of the national heritage of physical culture. His work includes books, exhibitions and films about the Sokol movement, and specifically about Dr. Viktor Murnik, Leon Štukelj and Miroslav Cerar. With his founding of the Science of Gymnastics Journal the University of Ljubljana became the leading global publisher in the field of physical training science.


Prof. Dr. Primož Pevcin is a higher education teacher covering fields associated with the issues of economics and public sector administration at various levels and non-profit organisations. He has notched up 623 records in Cobiss, including 43 original scholarly articles, 74 papers at conferences and 4 university textbooks, and has headed or collaborated on 23 research projects. As part of his collaboration on administration he worked for three years as Vice Dean for International Cooperation and four years as Vice Dean for Academic Affairs.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Boris Gašpirc is an internationally established expert in the field of periodontology and oral diseases. His acclaimed research results have provided a basis for the introduction of lasers and new techniques in clinical practice. He is a distinguished teacher and mentor, and is actively involved in the development of the faculty. His scientific work and participation in international professional associations contribute to the University of Ljubljana’s international profile.


Prof. Dr. Zvezdan Pirtošek is the head of the Department of Neurology, he teaches at the University of Ljubljana Faculties of Medicine, Arts and Education, he is a co-founder of the course Cognitive Science and lectures at several universities abroad. His teaching and research are focused on the functioning of the brain and on neurodegenerative diseases. For his work in the field of dementia the Slovenian President awarded him the Order of Merit state decoration.


Prof. Pohar Perme’s work is focused on the development of statistics in Slovenia. She is an outstanding educator who inspires her students with statistics and scientific research. She is a leading world expert in survival analysis, and the method named after her is the standard for analysing data of cancer registers. By securing the collaboration of biostatisticians in research she enhances the scientific excellence of researchers in medicine at the University of Ljubljana.


In her rich experience as a lecturer Prof. Dr. Bojana Boh Podgornik has worked at the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Education of the University of Ljubljana. Her research work includes an enviable number of published articles and project collaborations. She has also made an enormous contribution in the arts, where she linked together natural science, painting and dance, and combined all of this in a postgraduate course, Help Through Art.


Academy-trained painter Prof. Dušan Kirbiš is the Vice Dean of Art and a member of the senate of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering of the University of Ljubljana and of the University’s Committee for Recognising Important Art, and also mentors student shows. His extensive body of artistic work, including exhibitions at home and abroad, earned him a Prešeren Fund Prize in 2022. He has put major effort into the introduction of the interdisciplinary doctoral programme Art at the University of Ljubljana.


Prof. Dr. Barbara Simončič is an internationally renowned researcher in the field of the chemical functionalisation of textiles, with more than 130 scholarly articles and more than 3,000 citations. She has co-authored two patents in the European Union and is head of the programme group Textiles and Ecology. In 2015 she received the Mentor of the Year award. Her research work leaves an exceptional mark on scientific, educational and professional fields.


The team of young staff members at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Ljubljana have through unselfish dedication and substantive and creative contributions provided major assistance in establishing the FabLab workshop for materials processing. The team proved its worth with its innovative yet economically designed space, which with its method of placing technical barriers, hardware and electrical installations not only provides appropriate and safe working conditions, but is also in itself a learning space.


The members of the group for computer graphics and multimedia at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science of the University of Ljubljana have adopted an interdisciplinary approach to address socially important topics, and are applying the results of their work in useful services for various circles, including the preservation of Slovenian cultural heritage, music education, the visualisation of open data in the area of mobility and the inclusion of vulnerable groups, migrants and the elderly.