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Dr. MIHAELA PAVLIČEV, Universität Wien

Mihaela Pavličev

Mihaela Pavlicev is evolutionary biologist with a wide range of interests. After finishing her PhD in Ecology at the University of Vienna, she took several postdoctoral positions in molecular phylogenetics and evolutionary quantitative genetics (Vienna Natural History Museum, Universities in St. Louis and Oslo, Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution and Cognition in Altenberg). In 2013 she was recruited as faculty to the University of Cincinnati Medical School/ Cincinnati Children`s Hospital in Ohio, and returned to the University of Vienna in December 2019, as a full professor for Theoretical Evolutionary Biology in the Department of Evolutionary Biology. Pavlicev`s work focuses at the interface between the organismal structure (its physiology and development) and evolutionary change. This fascinating field touches both on explanations of how the patterns of organismal diversity beyond species arise, as well as why the populations vary along the very specific patterns, thereby also addressing the patterns of pathological variation, i.e., disease. Pavlicev applies both theory as well as empirical research, using vertebrate reproduction as her main system of expertise.