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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Simon Sedej, Medical University of Graz, Austria

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Simon Sedej earned his PhD in Biomedicine at the University of Ljubljana in 2004. Currently, he has been working at the Medical University of Graz, where he is leading a basic research group at the Department of Internal Medicine. His research focuses on the cellular processes and molecular mechanisms determining cardiovascular health during natural aging and conditions of metabolic stress. His work aims at identifying novel translational therapies that effectively combat late-life cardiovascular diseases, including heart failure. To this end, he pioneered the implementation of a caloric restriction mimetic and autophagy inducer spermidine in cardiovascular medicine. He combines a multitude of basic and clinical approaches using relevant transgenic and surgical animal models and human myocardial biopsies from failing and non-failing donors. Epidemiological studies are also carried out on available human cohorts. Recently, he has strengthened ties with Slovenia. He occasionally  lectures on his research at the University of Ljubljana, and collaborates with scientists at the Faculty of Medicine in Maribor.