SMUL Council
dr. David Modic, Cambridge University, member

David ModicDoctor David Modic completed secondary school as a computer technician in 1992 at the Vič Gymnasium, Ljubljana. He completed his BSc in social pedagogy in 1999 at the Faculty of Education, University of Ljubljana and his MSc (dist) in 2006 at the same Department. After graduation he continued his postgraduate studies in the UK at the University of Exeter, and in 2013 he received his PhD in economic psychology, researching the psuchology of Internet fraud. 

Upon completion of his PhD David Modic worked in various academic roles at the University of Cambridge, where he then remained as Research Associate at Cambridge University's Computer Lab and a visiting scholar at the Cambridge Institute of Criminology. He is a Senior Non-Residental Member of King's College, Cambridge, and the deputy head of CamCERT (social engineering). Dr Modic has a distinguished international research profile in the fields of computer crime and psychology of computer fraud. 

In June 2017, Dr Modic was elected as one of the members of the University of Ljubljana Global Alumni and Associates Network (SMUL). The key motivation behind his involvement in SMUL is the recognition of the importance of internationalisation and networking in Higher Education and Research. As an alumnus of the University of Ljubljana, Dr. Modic is eager to engage in an increasingly global network of its current and past staff and students.