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Esteemed candidates, our future doctoral students,

The University of Ljubljana offers 21 doctoral programmes within which you can research and study numerous scientific fields.

By founding the Doctoral School ten years ago the University of Ljubljana as an institution took on the responsibility of carrying out its doctoral studies in accordance with adopted uniform standards for the preparation and implementation of doctoral degree programmes that offer high quality doctoral studies. Great attention was given to the development of interdisciplinary programmes involving several members of the University. Collaboration among different departments, teachers and researchers secures an appropriate basis for relevant analysis and the solving of complex research challenges we face today. We are proud of the active and successful inter-institutional links found in the doctoral programmes. Cooperation with research institutes outside the University offers students more choices regarding the content of the studies and research, greater choice of mentors and better access to research equipment.

More information on enrolment at the University of Ljubljana is available in the Information guide for international students.

Welcome to the doctoral programme of the University of Ljubljana.

Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Kanjuo Mrčela, Head of the Doctoral School



University Members (faculties and academies) offer 21 doctoral degree programmes.

Doctoral degree programmes are organised and implemented by University Members (academies, faculties). They are mostly interdisciplinary and cover different fields of science. They differ in the degree of interdisciplinarity and method of coordination. They last 3 or 4 years and consist of 180 or 240 ECTS credit points. The Call for enrolment in doctoral degree programmes is published at the University website usually at the beginning of February for the next academic year. The Call includes offered degree programmes, data on study duration, enrolment requirements, the number of open positions, mode of study and place of study.

Candidates receive detailed explanations of enrolment requirements, application possibilities under transfer criteria and costs of study at the University Members (academies, faculties) delivering the programme, along with information about enrolment application, application deadline, required evidence of the fulfilment of enrolment requirements, and any required additional obligations to be met prior to enrolment in in a degree programme.

Candidates can also receive detailed information on enrolment requirements, costs of study and other information on interdisciplinary doctoral degree programmes in Biomedicine, Statistics, and Environmental Protection at the University Office for Doctoral Study at the University of Ljubljana Rectorate.

Candidates for doctoral study are selected at the relevant University Member (academy, faculty) or the University Rectorate for interdisciplinary doctoral degree programmes Biomedicine, Statistics, and Environmental Protection and enrolled at the relevant University Member (academy, faculty) no later than 30 September for the next academic year following a selection procedure (the application deadlines are different for every doctoral degree programme and are specified in the Call for enrolment for each doctoral degree programme separately). Candidates for doctoral study at the University of Ljubljana may apply, regardless of whether they have already graduated or not at the time of application. Graduation is not a requirement for application, but it is a requirement for enrolment.

Candidates must choose a potential mentor before enrolling and at least generally agree on the contents of the doctoral dissertation and participation in research work. Help in choosing the right mentor can be provided by the coordinator of the respective doctoral degree programme.

We especially call attention to the fact that the candidates must carry out any prescribed additional obligations (in accordance with the conditions for enrolment that are published next to the Call for enrolment for the doctoral degree programme) before enrolling into the degree programme.

Due to the lower numbers of doctoral students, some organised forms of study (lectures, seminars, practical work, etc.) are usually carried out together on a smaller scale or with consultations. In the event foreign students are enrolled, the lecturers and students settle the language for the lectures. Foreign students and mentors communicate in English or in another agreed foreign language.